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Mario Selva made 1.5 M in 18 months online




With the rise of social media, young entrepreneurs are making it big. From Instagram stars to celebrities and brilliant marketers, there are so many avenues for passionate business enthusiasts to pursue.

With everybody posting incessantly about their lives on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, now there is a lot more information on how exactly these driven young minds are building their empires and amassing fortunes.

Mario Selva is one such entrepreneur. Though he’s Italian-born, Selva has always lived by his version of the “American dream.” He studied business at the University of Naples Federico II and ended up taking the online route shortly after finishing his degree.

With a passion for marketing and a love for reading and research, Selva began helping Amazon sellers, which earned him $180,000 in only four months. While this level of success may have seemed ludicrous some ten years ago, now this is the reality for many passionate people like Mario.

Selva knew that in order to continue his growth, he needed to bring something else to the table. He started his own drop-shipping business where, once again, he reaped great rewards by making $1.5 million in 18 months. Was it luck? Not even remotely. Selva explains that his success is largely due to his love for business and the sacrifices he made early on.

“I pretty much isolated myself for 80% of my wake time. I’d read and research. I follow a guru named Iman Gadzhi from whom I learned some invaluable strategies,” shares Selva.

Mindset is another factor that plays a huge role for young entrepreneurs in the online space. Due to the fact that there isn’t an office or a supervisor to report to every day, these budding business owners need to feel self-motivated every single day. Mario Selva explains that mindset is 50% of the needed tools to achieve success. “You should never give up, even when things get hard. Refuse to quit,” he advises.

Mario has big plans for the future. He is focused on creating worldwide brands and helping to train new entrepreneurs in marketing. He doesn’t plan on retiring any time soon because he simply loves his work too much.

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