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Nishaan Singh— the Founder of Sanbun Investments



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Nishaan Singh is a young Stock Market trader who established himself after years of hardwork. Starting at the age of 15, he had to go through several struggles.

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Stock Market journey was relatively difficult in the beginning. And Nishaan knew that he had to accumulate a lot of information about the field. Despite the initial missteps and setbacks, he kept moving forward and didn’t quit.

Over time, he gained valuable insights about Stock Market and polished his skills. He could now generate a sound income through Trading.

Catering to the uncertainties in the Market, Nishaan knew he had to keep learning new things to survive in the Market. Thus, he explored some other concepts and applied new strategies.

He eventually achieved a milestone in Stock Market and made splash. He could now generate consistent returns using his strategies. Shortly afterwards, in 2017, he decided to establish his own Stock Market services.

The firm was named Sanbun Investments. Sanbun Investments is inclusive of people from divergent fields and is registered under registrar of firms. This firm also offers various comprehensive courses and programmes.

Nishaan proposed to share his experience and strategies through Sanbun Investments. By far, he has groomed over 10,000 budding traders for the inherent challenges in Stock Market.

Nishaan— along with his team of 100+ experts— help people all across India. Their primary objective is to simplify Stock Market concepts and to train traders to sidestep unnecessary mistakes.

Nishaan worked day and night to make sure that he and his team stayed ahead. Presently, Nishaan Singh is a Hedge Fund Manager, a Stock Market Trainer, and a Multi-Asset Trader.

Nishaan was determined to create an eco-system that helps people grow without much difficulty. He has created a congenial environment wherein clients and employees stay in harmony.

He has now acquired remarkable expertise in Stock Market field and is widely known for his unique strategies, such as ‘NS10.’ He has always believed that people don’t need much to succeed in the market. Right degree of dedication and hardwork alone is enough to turn your dreams into reality.

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