Sanbun Investments has Reached And Crossed 100k Followers On Instagram

Nishaan Singh-led Sanbun Investments has come a long way and accomplished 100k breakthrough in one and a half year. Nishaan Singh is a Hedge Fund Manager, Stock Market Trainer, and a Multi-Assets Trader.
The page took 407 posts and hours of dedication and hardwork to reach this milestone. Their first post appeared on Instagram on 4 March, 2019. Today, over 100k people all across India are following Sanbun Investments Instagram page and seeking financial advice and guidance.

They took pride in providing value to those who want to develop their financial knowledge. Given the low rate of financial literacy in India, Sanbun Investments has helped thousands of youths find a right path to financial freedom.

Indeed, the firm has performed extremely well, and arriving at this stage was not easy. The victory is always visible and audible to everyone. But very few people are aware of the unseen and unspoken struggles. The founder of Sanbun Investments, Nishaan Singh, passionately worked hard and made sure that the company stayed ahead. Now, the hard work is paying off in the best way.

Sanbun Investments provides different types of Stock Market courses, ranging from basic to advance level. These courses are available for people belonging to all backgrounds. Besides, the firm also offers membership plans and advisory services for clients to know the exact moment to buy and sell. People incorporated with Sanbun Investments go out of their way to help people with queries and doubts related to trading and investment. Hence, a large number of people are buying these courses to understand Stock Market in a better way.

During the pandemic, it was convenient for people to attend live sessions and meeting to understand the market and to gain valuable insights about it. Therefore, even in the period of a gross pandemic, people availed their services and supported their content. Recently, numerous employees have lost their job due to the disruptive events caused by Covid-19. And Nishaan Singh came forward as a beacon of hope for those who wanted to earn money in the market.

Sanbun Investments’ mission is to educate people financially, and with this 100k milestone, it has come one step nearer to its goal. Each person who liked, shared, commented on their post and loved the content, contributes to the stunning growth of Sanbun Investments. Among these 100k, there must be so many aspiring Stock Market traders who want to establish themselves in the market following the advice of Nishaan Singh.

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