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Description About Flow From Arman Daryabari (Arciday)



Description About Flow From Arman Daryabari Arciday

Flow, which is the Persian meaning of that flow in rap music, consists of two parts: 1. Rhythm (weight or melody) 2. Rhyme is the main and most basic thing about flowing and creating flow, staying on the beat, or slang on the beat. The rappers in the songs whose multiplication rate is 4/4, using the regularity of syllables and drawing sounds and stops and stresses and emphases, etc. in their lyrics, adjust it in such a way that in 4 rates (drop) of music To be placed.

Now that we are familiar with the two elements of rhythm and rhythm, we will move on to the main issue, which is flow. To understand how the flow works, consider two parallel waves that move along each other. The song is a beat. The combination of the oscillations of these two waves together creates a musical pattern that eventually finds a musical beat by beating the beat and forms a flow. As a result, the more weight and space coordination is established between them, the more floating the created flow will be. It is noteworthy that there are different types of flow, it can be slow or fast, continuous or full pause. How you write the lyrics, or better yet, how you design and arrange the rhymes in the lyrics, has a huge impact on the output flow.

Arman Daryabari Arciday
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