Entrepreneur and Mentor Lourissa Setu: Helping Others Find Balance Amidst the Chaos

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In a world that praises overwork and burnout, it has become evident that there is a need to emphasize balance. Entrepreneurs rarely get to use the word balance because many often believe that they must pour their entire being into their business to make it a success.

Is Balance Possible?

Trying to find balance in a highly competitive market can be exhausting. How can an entrepreneur achieve balance amidst the chaos?

Many people have become more aware of the need to work on mental development and spirituality rather than just financial growth to achieve this equilibrium. One such person who has managed to strike this balance is affiliate marketer, mentor, and coach, Lourissa Setu.

Alchemize the Limiting Beliefs

The 26 years old New Zealand native currently operates an automated platform that she says “does a majority of the heavy lifting for people if they decide to build their business.” The platform acts as a funnel with a company to sell a High-Ticket offer.

Setu, who is invested in her personal growth and that of others, says that her business is grounded in self-discovery, empowering others to activate their potential and seeing their self-worth. “This is based around inner work, alchemizing the limiting beliefs or blocks that people hold. It includes a lot of self-healing and development and changing their relationships with money and basically everything in their life, including themselves. It is very mindset and inner work-based. It is, too, very spiritual and manifestation-based.”

Empower Yourself and Others

The need to empower those we work with and those we supervise is key to fostering a positive work environment and building strong companies. Lourissa is committed to this type of empowerment.

“I love seeing people transform their lives and also their finances. I hold space for and guide those committed to themselves and their vision through their journey using this vehicle. I’m also here to share whatever free value I can on my social network pages that others can implement into their lives, businesses, and relationships.”

One of the fundamental tenets to empowering those we work with is to give them a voice, allowing them the opportunity to express themselves. Lourissa believes in this wholeheartedly. In her career as a mentor and coach, she encourages others to do this. “With this business, we get to show up as ourselves, share our message whatever it is and our visions for what’s possible.

She posits that this type of empowerment is liberating. “I feel so much inner freedom with this that I never have before, and I have experienced and seen so much self-acceptance in myself and other people. Parts of myself that I used to hide or be a little bit embarrassed about have now become parts I love and which makes my business unique.”

When we give a voice to those around us, as leaders we allow them to work freely. This permits them to be their best selves which contributes to the elusive idea of balance and equilibrium.