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Entrepreneur Yuvraj Raghuvanshi is a pioneer in Digital Marketing and Celebrity Management



Entrepreneur Yuvraj Raghuvanshi is a pioneer In Digital Marketing And Celebrity Management

There is a saying that if you want to get success early, you will have to start early, whether it is about waking up early in the morning or in life to choose your career path.

When the youth of the country was making hue and cry about the unemployment rate in India, one 17 years old young guy started his entrepreneurship journey in Digital Marketing by creating Facebook Ads.

Yuvraj Raghuvanshi started his entrepreneurial journey in 2015 with no business experience or mentorship. He feels that this was a boon for him as it helped him to discover his potential with rigorous hard work and research; thus, helped him in what he is today. At a very early age Yuvraj realized his true potential and today he is one of the most influential entrepreneurs of India.

Yuvraj works for the Indian Film Industry and Television Industries celebrities to enhance and increase their online popularity by creating podcasts, videos, images, web series, or other digital assets that they sell online or portray in front of their audience on a digital platform.
Yuvraj currently deals with more than 500+ clients in India as well as overseas.

Yuvraj says – I have seen a very bad time in my life, there have been many ups and downs in my life there was a time when I did not have utensils to eat and I used to spend the whole day in ₹ 100 in Mumbai and sometimes I had to sleep without eating for a while I have just started the journey towards success, I don’t care if I fail in future I have seen my parents happy and proud in front of my eyes, that is a big deal for me I think that’s what I’ve always wanted from my life.

Great to see young talent like Yuvraj Raghuvanshi under 25 taking India on Global platforms as an entrepreneur with pride. Today he is working with big names in Bollywood and Television Industry

Yuvraj’s digital expertise and media solutions have changed the lives of many celebrities. He works hard with you to help you realize your dream and expand your journey into the mainstream media. Get in touch with him for any queries.

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