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Epic Games Refunds Family After Son Spends $1,200 on Fortnite



Epic Games Refunds Family After Son Spends $1,200 on Fortnite

Fortnite developer Epic Games has as of late gotten a “F” from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for an assortment of reasons, incorporating not managing objections in a timely manner, issues identified with hacked accounts, and the big one, unauthorized credit card usage. Notwithstanding its allowed free-to-play platform, the fight royale title contains a high number of microtransactions, with which child managed to rack up a $1200 bill through different purchases.

This North Carolina family thought the charges were misrepresentation at first, yet that is before they understood that their 11-year-old child had made all of these purchases himself on Fortnite. A short time later, they reached out to Epic Games about a discount for these charges, with the video game developer issuing the asked for discount. This was after some time, in any case, as indicated by the mother.

Unfortunately, there are a few stories like this one. Indeed, the North Carolina Attorney General Consumer Protection Division alone has gotten 13 all out complaints about the slow pace and different charges concerning Epic Games. While this may not appear much, it goes to show the local opinion concerning a countrywide issue, as many parents have found themselves in the exact same situation.

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