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Everything You Need to Know About Installing a Garbage Disposal



Everything You Need to Know About Installing a Garbage Disposal.

Garbage disposals are essential household units that help you quickly get rid of food waste and kitchen scraps. If a replacement is in order, it’s beneficial to know exactly what needs replacing and the following installation process. It all depends on the kind of garbage disposal unit in question. You might need professionals for the job, or it may be possible for you to do it yourself. Understanding signs that prompt a disposal repair or cleaning can help prevent future issues. Whether you have any prior experience with this or not, there is nothing to worry about this process. However, a bit of expertise with plumbing and electricity is always preferable.

Here are some insights that can ensure the smooth installation of sink waste disposal unit in your kitchen. So, let’s dive into them at once.

Warning your old disposal needs to retire

Like other appliances, this also comes with a specific life expectancy after or during which it can need replacement. Usually, ten to fifteen years run is acceptable. But when they start to wear down, you will get signals. One of them is the noise. They all create sound, but if they don’t grind food, you would want to be alert. It can be an issue with the motor. Sometimes, cleaning or quick repairs can fix them. However, replacing this system can be wiser if it is sufficiently old.

Then, clogging can be a common problem. But the frequency of this for no adequate reason means there is something problematic about it and requires a change. Leakage is another sign you can watch out for to understand that your grinder has become worn out and tired.

Selecting a new waste disposal system

You primarily get two models – continuous feed and batch disposal units. The continuous feed grinder is more suitable for modern homes, while the other comes in handy in kitchens that frequently deal with larger food scraps. Whatever you decide, don’t forget to check the horsepower of the motors. A high-power motor can handle more waste. If you also use a dishwasher, you want something compatible with this. The food particles from the dishwasher can drain into the unit directly. One more thing you cannot compromise on is the unit’s body. Opt for a stainless steel variety even if it charges more money. Although it is pricey, much of your headaches about maintenance will reduce, and your investment will also give longer results.

Installing garbage disposal unit

While the other two parts are manageable, you have to be extra attentive in this phase. Since it requires dealing with water, electricity, and blades, you want to be fully prepared to take this task. Also, you have to be technically sound to ensure the successful installation of the device so that you don’t face any issues with its functioning. You can classify this process into wiring, plumbing, installing, and testing. The old unit would need removal to prepare the area for the new one. For removing it, one needs to know to disconnect wires properly.

In the plumbing stage, you first have to check if the dishwasher had any connection with the old system. If so, you would need to detach everything by unscrewing and disconnecting the pipes and assembly. Once the system is out, you also have to clean the sink and any waste material stuck in the drain. Generally, installing the same unit as the old one is less complicated. So, if this matters, you may want to invest in a similar model. Else, you can get the newer version with higher efficiency as per your needs.

 In new installation work, you have to use a plumber’s putty to connect the different parts of the unit with the sink from underneath. After securing the connection, you would also need to join the line with the dishwasher, depending on the requirement. Finally, you can attach the new disposal system with proper wiring and base while ensuring safety from leakage. In the end, you can put a stopper in the sinkhole and half fill the bowl, and then check under the sink for leakage.

Should you wear your DIY hat?

The garbage disposal installation is not a simple home improvement project, and you could not possibly install it on your own. One has to deal with blades, electric work, and plumbing. You can imagine the risk of shock when dealing with water and electricity. At the same time, it doesn’t make financial sense to buy tools for something that runs for a decade or slightly more. Hence, hiring someone trained for this job can be much better. Their labor cost is nothing compared to wiring and leakage issues that may arise from ill-fitting. Also, minor missteps can put your disposal at risk.

However, homeowners shouldn’t be afraid to clean their garbage disposal. One should also not neglect to keep their garbage disposal clean because it is harmful to the environment and can cause several health issues from food particles left in the drain. It is just that you should be careful when doing this work. For example, you may have to turn the power off at the circuit breaker and detach the grinder from the outlet to avoid an accident. Once you clean its inner area well while being careful about the blade, you should wipe it with a soft dry cloth from the inside out to avoid water stains.

Taking care of your house and the daily appliances is not an easy job. But when you maintain them well, you grow your savings and require fewer replacements and repairs along the road. Essentially, you start living an eco-friendly life. After all, you cut down your waste disposal when you don’t add or discard things frequently. Since waste is one of the significant problems for the environment’s deterioration, you ensure your bit toward improving its condition. You may not have realized this, but the idea of purchasing a waste disposal system also aligns with this. Hence, investing in this unit makes more sense if you also want to save your planet from pollution and the burden of waste.

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