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Everything you need to know about life insurance with Phil Sokowicz




People invest in life insurance with the best of intentions. Some people do so as a safeguard against medical emergencies or accidents, while others purchase life insurance as a long term investment. Irrespective of the reasons, most people remain unaware of several loopholes that exist within their insurance policies. Knowledge of these technicalities can help you gain the most from your policies.

Introduction of incorrect cancellation policies

Many policyholders who concluded their life insurances between 1994 and 2007 signed the contract without knowing their rights to reject or withdraw. Almost all insurance companies didn’t instruct customers about their cancellation and withdrawal rights in that period. What most policyholders don’t know is that they can revoke their life insurance policies even today.
Many people think they will not get the premiums they paid back. However, they can, if they follow the right procedure. Phil Sokowicz, a 30-year-old German, is fighting tooth and nail to revoke such policies and recover money for the claimants.

He was studying international management when this massacre happened. It moved him so much that he decided to found a company, together with his co-founder.

Phil believes in helping people. His relentless efforts to help thousands of families took a new turn when he started a “justice-as-a-service” platform. This online platform became a complaint hub for people that felt betrayed by their insurance companies.

Revoking insurance policies

Phil knows about life insurance policies in detail. He has thorough knowledge about the incorrect cancellation instructions and how insurance companies tricked thousands of families from paying their due coverage amount. Phil is now using his knowledge and experience to help families get their refunds from insurance companies. He believes that if you concluded a life insurance between 1994 and 2007, in many cases you have the right to withdraw it, if you have an incorrect cancellation policy.
Phil acted swiftly against the incorrect cancellation policies by starting an online platform. He, along with his team of 15 experienced employees, can help you reclaim a significant part of your contributions, plus a lump-sum interest amount. Phil is highly experienced in this sector. He can read through the lines of insurance terms and conditions easily.

Many insurance companies tried to play smart by not mentioning all client rights in their paperwork. However, Phil is trying to outsmart them now with his vast knowledge and experience on life and pension insurances. His mission is to provide easy access to justice through their website. He believes that digitalizing the entire process of filing a complaint and submitting documents will enable more people to come forward because almost everyone can use the internet on their phones and laptops these days.

Phil wants to help each and every one affected by an incorrect cancellation policy. His website allows policyholders to file their cases quickly. On the other hand, it also allows Phil and his team to handle each case efficiently. He wants to give you and thousands of others, a voice, that can roar against overpowering corporations. Phil says, “It is a significant challenge to deal with these cases alone. Many policyholders give up hope because they don’t know what to do. Our team is here to fight for you against these insurance companies.”

Over the last few years, Phil, along with his team, already solved tons of cases. He is happy to reclaim the due amount of the policyholders from insurance companies and hand it back to his clients. Phil has only one objective: to help people achieve their rights.

Easy refunds

Phil has come up with a three-fold plan to help get refunds from insurance companies that once cheated you. Here’s the process that you need to follow:

Legal examination

You need to submit all your contract documents. Phil has cooperating law firms that will go through all your paperwork in detail. At the same time the approximate claim value you can get is calculated. You will not have to pay a dime during this stage.

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