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Fans Still Suspect Kylie Jenner Has Had Breast Plastic Surgery



Best plastic surgeon of Kardashian Klan Kylie Jenner 2010 versus KJ in 2019

Kylie Jenner is arguably one of the most talked about KUWTK sisters. She’s got her own multi-billion dollar business. She has over 150 million followers on Instagram. And she just knows how to stay in the headlines.

One common topic that has always sparked controversy around her is plastic surgery. Many fans have accused her repeatedly over the years of going under the knife. But is that really fair to her, considering she has essentially grown up on television?

It’s not just the fans though who claim she must have had something done. Plastic surgeons frequently weigh in on the likelihood that she has had a procedure. Even though it’s just speculation, they’ve definitely brought up some good points.

In previous statements to the press, close friends claimed Kylie actually loves the attention brought about by these accusations. So maybe she withholds this information from fans just for the PR buzz?

Who knows! Either way, nobody can stop talking about it. And this latest example is no exception. Did Kylie use the best plastic surgeons of Louisville to augment her breasts? Here’s a closer look. 

The Halloween Incident

Around Halloween-time this year, Kylie posted several photos of herself wearing her halloween costume. One costume was for a photoshoot, and she was dressed as a sultry Marilyn Monroe. The outfit that sparked the most controversy though was her Ariel look from Disney’s The Little Mermaid. This photo of Kylie in her sea-shell style bra top had fans totally convinced she had a boob job.

Kylie has only ever admitted to having one cosmetic procedure in her life. And that was when she finally admitted to fans on KUWTK that she had received lip fillers. This was after months of criticism and scandal over the ‘Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge’ on social media.

That was in 2015. But since then she has been accused multiple times of having breast implants, butt implants, botox, and a nose job.  Essnetially, fans from Louisville-KY to Boulder, Colorado think she’s gotten the same work as video vixens (like these: see video).

Kylie has always been adamant though that her figure and face are completely natural – aside from the temporary lip fillers. She’s also explained that she has gained weight recently. Especially after her recent birth of daughter, Stormi, that excuse makes sense.

However, many plastic surgeons are not so sure that she’s never had anything done. One doctor even claimed that the way she looks now compared to years ago couldn’t simply be from weight gain. In an interview he said, “it is the firmness and the position of her breasts that lead me to believe she has had surgical enhancement”.

The Best Plastic Surgeons of Louisville Advised To be Careful With Young Patients

Nobody really knows if Kylie has undergone a procedure from a top physician like the best plastic surgeons of Louisville.  And it’s perfectly okay for her to bounce around these accusations, but is it fair to her fans?

She has millions of young teens following her story daily on social media, and they are easily influenced. They admire her beauty and want to be just like her. And when she claims her looks are ‘real’ or only created with ‘makeup’, they will do anything to achieve her level of natural beauty. Sometimes, they even resort to getting plastic surgery for themselves.

Doctors and surgeons should be aware of this trend. They should also be compassionate, honest, and ethical when working with younger patients. 

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