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FinancialCentre Review 2022 – Is it a Good Broker?



FinancialCentre Review 2022 – Is it a good Broker

This FinancialCentre Review will educate you about every useful feature on the broker platform. You will always get the most detailed assessment. They include useful features like security procedures, a platform, no commissions, a demo account, and leverage. They can, however, resolve concerns such as no demo account, trading tools, no mobile trading, and non-availability of 24/7 assistance.

FinancialCentre is a CFD broker established in the United Kingdom with a long history in the business. The FinancialCentre has been in business since 2001 and provides its clients with CFDs on a variety of asset classes and specific products. They are entirely devoted to being accessible to everyone, as seen by many trading accounts and reasonable prices.

FinancialCentre additionally demonstrates its devotion to traders by providing a proprietary trading platform as opposed to the same old vanilla options supplied by most new brokers. Spreads are narrow, and execution is quick. This makes it significantly easier for traders to keep a large portion of their gains.

Initial impressions matter, and in our FinancialCentre Review, our first impressions of the broker website and platform were favorable, which is not unexpected considering the FinancialCentre’s two decades of expertise in the online broker sector.

The following FinancialCentre Review will go more into broker’s account types, platform, fees, and other aspects.

Account types

FinancialCentre offers a variety of account kinds to fit the needs of any sort of investor, from aggressive traders to more conservative retirees to professional traders.

 In our FinancialCentre Review, we go through account kinds in depth. Account minimums start at $250, making the broker accessible to traders of all skill levels, including novices. The following is a list of account types and their associated features:

FinancialCentre Review 2022

Basic Account

· Minimum Deposit – $250

· Education and tutoring

· Monthly live trading events

· Fast withdrawals

Silver account

· Minimum Deposit – $10,000

· Flexible leverage up to 1:100

· Spreads from 0.6 pips

· Dedicated account manager

Gold account

· Minimum Deposit – $50,000

· Next-gen trading tools

· In-depth market analysis

· Individualized instruction

Platinum account

· Minimum Deposit – $100,000

· Exclusive event invitations

· Ultra-tight spreads from 0.0 pips

· leverage up to 1:400

· Procedure for Priority Withdrawal

VIP account

· Minimum Deposit – $200,000

  • Designed for high-volume traders and high-net-worth people looking for the best trading environment possible.

For a customized solution, contact your account manager.

Standards and Security

With even more ways to exploit people over the internet, online safety is becoming increasingly important. The fact that brokerages keep a lot of money and sensitive information only adds to those concerns. As a result, clients must choose a broker who can protect them from outside threats. However, with the rise of fraudulent brokerages, it is more important than ever for brokers to show their credibility. The portion of our FinancialCentre Review that follows will indicate how well the organization operates in many categories.

Fortunately, we can declare categorically that the security personnel at the FinancialCentre made no errors. Let us begin with the broker’s location, which has offices throughout the United Kingdom. That alone lends it credence, considering that regulation in the UK is substantially stricter than in some other usual broker jurisdictions. It also has around two decades of experience, as we already said in our FinancialCentre Review. This propels it forward like a seasoned broker, adding to its enormous reputation and other factors and putting an end to any concern about the firm’s honesty.

Everything which remains is to investigate how the organization protects consumers from external threats. Most brokerage companies use a basic mixture of encryption and account verification. FinancialCentre also uses the principle of putting clients in control of their security.

Trading Platforms

FinancialCentre deviates from the industry norm of providing MetaTrader 4 and/or MetaTrader 5 as trading platforms. Instead, it has also spent time and money developing its unique trading platform that is both user-friendly and equipped with sophisticated tools and capabilities. As part of the broker’s accessibility promise, the platform provides both accessibility and analytical capability.

While trying a new trading platform may be deemed inconvenient, FinancialCentre’s unique platform is simple to learn and master. The extensive functionality featured in this modern trading terminal will appeal to both novice and seasoned traders.

FinancialCentre Review

The trading platform is best accessed via a current web browser, although some traders may be turned off by the lack of a desktop platform or mobile trading app. In this FinancialCentre Review, We also mention that FinancialCentre is a web-based trading platform. You can open your account and trade from any device with an internet connection.

Traders will find the following characteristics, among others:

  • 35 chart indicators included 
  • Five chart types 
  • Nine-time periods
  • Included flags, line drawings, and comments
  • Included trading with one click limit 
  • Market orders Levels of stop-loss and take-profit

Available Assets

FinancialCentre offers a diverse and intriguing asset portfolio, including the newest cryptocurrency asset. 

Every trader will find something of interest in the extensive and diverse array of accessible assets.


Forex: More than 50 forex pairs are accessible, including majors, minors, and exotics.

Cryptocurrency: CFDs on a variety of prominent cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cardano. Many are accessible in both USD and EUR currency pairings.

Indices: There are around 15 worldwide indexes accessible for spot trading, with several additionally available as futures contracts.

Commodities: There are eight distinct commodities, including major metals and energy and agricultural assets such as wheat and maize.

Shares: CFDs may be traded on over 100 different stocks. Many of the world’s most well-known brands are represented. Additionally, in this FinancialCentre review, we recommend that you check their website for the most up-to-date information about the broker.

Education and Research

We also want to highlight in our FinancialCentre Review, the education and tutoring services offered to all clients by them. Once the Retirement stage is achieved, there is an additional in-depth market research and one-on-one instruction, and at the All-Star level, there are unique events for this tier of trader.

FinancialCentre Review 2022 Is it a good Broker

Non-clients will also discover a large variety of e-books on the site, covering topics such as beginner to advanced trading, market analysis, and trading methods, among others.

Blockchain Banking

The FinancialCentre has considered it a strategic priority to embrace advanced technologies and financial innovation while remaining relevant. By embracing ‘Blockchain Banking,’ the broker develops a new industry standard while prioritizing the growing expectations of its customers. The FinancialCentre seizes the opportunity to seamlessly transform a traditional investment company business into the digital era of blockchain and internet trading. I must mention in my FinancialCentre Review that Deposits and withdrawals are now easy and faster than at any other bank or investment organization.

Customer Service

The customer service team at FinancialCentre is excellent, and the representatives are informed and competent. Support is provided 24 hours a day, five days a week, and the crew may be reached via phone or email. A small FAQ section is also provided to answer the most basic queries. They offer a really cooperative and fast customer guide.

The United Kingdom +44 2038077811

Australia +61 391125949

New Zealand +64 98844056

Sweden +46 812410204

Canada +1 4378379668

Email: [email protected]

FinancialCentre 2022

Where does the FinancialCentre need to optimize?

The following are the points that will highlight the FinancialCentre’s shortcomings in the FinancialCentre Review:

  1. No option for Mobile trading.

There is presently no mobile trading option for FinancialCentre. According to our FinancialCentre Review, a mobile app is required for consumers to do live trading from anywhere at any time.

  • Trading tools

Many trading tools (such as a live market brief and a dedicated account manager) are solely available to higher-level accounts, while they can also be provided to new and lower-level consumers.

Live trading tools are essential for doing the finest trading in real-time.

  • Non-availability of 24/7 support

Many inquiries were postponed since the FinancialCentre did not provide 24-hour customer service. Because it is not available on weekends, it may be inconvenient for certain traders who want quick assistance. Furthermore, the online live chat feature is unavailable.

  • No Demo account.

A demo account for FinancialCentre is in high demand so that many people may learn fast and easily. This account provides a live financial trading experience on their site. You are given a fictitious account balance on a demo account with which you may practice trading before joining the market with real money, which is beneficial to new users.

In Conclusion

As you can see from the FinancialCentre Review above, it is a broker that has been in business longer than almost any other online broker. They prioritize accessibility and back it up with account levels and a well-designed web-based proprietary trading platform.

Overall, this is a broker that can meet the needs of every trader. Clients can benefit from a wide range of assets in addition to the benefits stated above. It even provides cryptocurrency, demonstrating that it is still creative despite being one of the older online brokers.

The best way to see FinancialCentre’s strengths is to test them out for yourself. The offerings and conditions you will discover with such a trader-focused and long-lived broker will surprise you.

The broker extends beyond meeting the demands of traders. Traders may be confident that they will be exposed to the finest trading environment. The company sharpens and develops all clients for them to achieve their peak trading status.

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