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From Scratch to Success, the rise of Deshae Maitland’s Dynasty Events Brought to Glory



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Never held back by circumstances, Deshae Maitland to make his way throughout his journey towards achieving success.
“At the young age of 15, I began to figure out what I really wanted in life. This is the reason why, at the same age, I started involving myself in the nightlife business. It is truly a passion and first love at sight” said Deshae. Thinking for a dream business and bringing it into reality is not that easy. Deshae, at the age of 15 explored himself and decided what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

He always wanted to be into events and for which he gained knowledge and understanding in the field of events and hospitality. His excellence is known for creating truly unforgettable moments in every event that he handles. As of today, Deshae continues to specialize in all the areas of event marketing that revolve in nightclubs.

Today, Dynasty events have a different set of an image in the event industry and this all happened because of his hard work and never-ending faith in himself. His experiences are quite motivating for the ones who know him and also for the ones who are going to read this. This journey of Mr. Maitland not only inspires people who tend to work or grow in the field of events and hospitality but also teaches how and what path to choose. It was his time that things were quite difficult for the newcomers, but in today’s era, people are well acquainted with major facts and findings of every other industry.

The path he followed to make his company a brand name was and is quite simple. He believes that giving unforgettable moments to your clients regarding their events will make them come back to you for creating another great experience of their lives. Also, he believes in the ‘never forget your roots’ formula which makes him continue to specialize in all the areas of event planning that revolve around the nightclubs.

He made a name for himself by throwing the biggest social and corporate parties by having thousands in attendance. It was not easy for people to get in because the passes were always sold out. Mr. Maitland was fortunate to throw parties for Drake’s artists and the weekend’s artists as well.

When you find your passion as your profession, you never find it as a work thing, but you love doing it passionately and not for the sake of just working says Deshae Maitland. Deshae’s dynasty is a 2-time award winner for the title ‘Best New Generation Promoter’ at Toronto Nightclub events. His excellence is shown through the level of clients he gets to deal with. Working with and for the celebrities of your origin is a big-time opportunity for your brand. Deshae got to work with Baka Not Nice, Hawk XO, AR Paisley, Brad Sousa, Nadia Stone, and DJ Charlie B and provided them with his company’s immense services.

His level of success and market standing talks about his hard work even in the present times. Starting from acing events to know their audience and to giving them the best of their life moments, Deshae Maitland with his Dynasty events is on top.
Contact info:
Instagram: DeshaeMaitland; DynastyAffair
Facebook: DeshaeMaitland

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