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Gianni Rodari: Google celebrates Italian children’s author’s 100th birthday with Doodle



gianni rodari Джанни Родари 100th birthday

Google Doodle celebrates the 100th birthday of an Italian author and journalist Giovanni “Gianni” Rodari (Джованни “Джанни” Родари), who most famous for his works of children’s literature, remarkably Il romanzo di Cipollino, on October 23, 2020.

Who was Gianni Rodari (Джанни Родари)?

Giovanni Gianni Rodari Джованни Джанни Родари
Gianni Rodari (Джанни Родари)

Gianni Rodari (Джанни Родари) was born in Omegna, a small town on Lake Orta in the province of Novara in northern Italy on 23 October 1920. He is considered as Italy’s most significant 20th-century children’s author and his books have been translated into numerous languages, however, few have been published in English. For his lasting contribution as a children’s author, he got the biennial Hans Christian Andersen Medal in 1970.

After his dad’s demise when Gianni Rodari was just eight, Rodari and his family moved to a native town, in the province of Varese. Following three years at the seminary in Seveso, Rodari got his teacher’s diploma at seventeen years old and started to teach elementary classes in rural schools of the Varese district. He had an interest in music and literature. In 1939, for a brief timeframe, Rodari went to the Catholic University of Milan.

During World War II, Gianni Rodari (Джанни Родари) had a delay from the military because of his ill health. Because of his unsafe financial circumstance, he joined for work at the Casa del Fascio and had to follow the National Fascist Party. Rodari entered the Italian Communist Party in 1944 and took an interest in the Italian resistance movement.

In 1948, as a journalist for the Communist periodical L’Unità, Gianni started writing books for children. In 1950, the Party introduced him as editor of the new weekly children’s magazine Il Pioniere in Rome. In 1951, Rodari published his first books, Il Libro delle Filastrocche and Il Romanzo di Cipollino.

In 1952, Gianni Rodari traveled for the first time to the Soviet Union, which he frequented from that point. In 1953, he wedded Maria Teresa Feretti, who four years after the fact gave birth to their daughter, Paola. In 1957, Rodari passed the exam to become a professional journalist.

By 1960, Gianni Rodari (Джанни Родари) had written enough material to publish his first book, “Nursery Rhymes in the Sky and on Earth.” after two years he released his hit story collection “Telephone Tales,” considered by some to be his masterpiece.

Gianni Rodari went through the years 1966–1969 working seriously on communitarian projects with children. In 1970 he got the Hans Christian Andersen Medal for children’s literature, which picked up him wide international notoriety as the best modern children’s author in Italian. The biennial award by the International Board on Books for Young People is the highest appreciation accessible to an author or illustrator of children’s books. His works have been translated into various languages.

In 1979, after another trip to the Soviet Union, his health, never exceptionally hearty, declined and his efficiency reduced.

Gianni Rodari (Джанни Родари) proceeded to create a variety of loved literature over the next decades, winning his place as an easily recognized name in Italy. He all the while contributed intensely to the nation’s educational reform movement.

For his contributions to children’s literature, Gianni Rodari won many significant awards for a mind-blowing duration, and today his works have been translated into more than 20 languages.

Gianni Rodari (Джанни Родари) passed on in Rome, following a surgical operation, on 14 April 1980 at the age of 59.

On October 23, 2020, Google Doodle observes Gianni Rodari’s 100th Birthday. Google Doodle artwork represents his stories of fantasy that consolidated real-world social issues, including “Il romanzo di Cipollino” (“The Tale of The Little Onion,” 1951). Gianni Rodari is maybe most popular for building up the story of Cipollino.

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