Vastu Consultant in Kolkata highly recommends getting vastu for home

Vastu Consultant in kolkata

We live in a fast paced world, where staying healthy, stable and happy has become more like a wishful thinking than a reality. Thankfully, Vastu Consultant in Kolkata can help you in this regard with vastu for home.

Today, we will explore some most common aspect of the vastu for home, and s

What is significance of vastu for home?

The world and all the living beings keep on receiving energies form the cosmic world, which includes both positive and negative energies.

The vastu shastra is the ancient science of making the architecture of the building complaint as per the elements of the nature.

Vastu for home ensures that with right design and placement, the home only receives the good energies of the cosmic world and removes the bad energies.

As a result, the occupants of the home can lead a much fulfilling and promising life in it. 

What aspects can be addressed with vastu for home?

Vastu Consultant in Kolkata can address and improvise numerous aspects of daily lives of the residents of the building. It includes the following aspects in general-

  1. Good health and sound mind of the residents.
  2. Financial stability and inflow of adequate wealth routinely.
  3. Limiting excessive and unnecessary spending.
  4. Getting peaceful sleep and relaxation at night.
  5. Forming good bond among members of the family.
  6. Ensuring timely and prosperous marriage.
  7. Securing better career prospects.
  8. Ensuring business prosperity and profitability.
  9. Channeling godly energies in the home.
  10. Helping children to perform better in education.

These are the most common and in general aspects.

Apart from these, there can be many other aspects that you can seek guidance from Vastu Consultant in Kolkata.

What comes under the vastu for home analysis?

Vastu for home is extensive studies that take many aspects of the property into account.

Vastu Consultant in Kolkata primarily takes the following aspects into consideration.

  1. The main door vastu- the direction, the exact pada of the main door along with its structure.
  2. The floor plans of the house- the placement of each room in a suitable direction. These include bedroom, puja room, kid’s room, guest room, kitchen, living room, bathroom, balcony, staircase etc.
  3. Determining the placement of the furnishing in each room. This includes the placement of bed, kitchen oven, study desk, electronic devices and so on. 
  4. Installing vastu items at specific places to negate the bad effects of any underlying vastu doshas and channel positive energy.

Apart from these above mentioned aspects, Vastu Consultant in Kolkata addresses many more aspects of vastu for home to make sure it constructs the most auspicious surround for you to live in, with your loved ones.

Where to get the Vastu Consultant in Kolkata?

In the metro city of Kolkata, you can certainly get a number of options for pretty much everything. But when it comes to vastu for home; not each of them is equally proficient.

Mr. Pinaki Pal is a well known name in the domain of vastu shastra. Apart from offering vastu for home; he also deals with other fields. These include offering solutions regarding vastu for factories, vastu for offices, astro vastu and numerology.

He is particularly known for his simple and effective vastu remedies that requires no demolition of the property.  

He is the founder and chief vastu consultant of Vaastu Mangaal. He is without a doubt the Vastu Consultant in Kolkata.

To know more about vastu for home or other aspects of vastu shastra, come straight at Vaastu Mangaal. Contact us for more information.

Description- Let us explore some most common aspect of the vastu for home, and where to get the Vastu Consultant in Kolkata for all your vastu needs.