Ginita Sunaina: Wins over 18 awards internationally for ‘Conficted’


Indo-Dutch actress Ginita Sunaina has recently garnered numerous awards and earned multiple Best Actress nominations in a new series at international film festivals for her compelling performance in the film “Conficted.” Positioned as an Indo-Dutch rising star, Sunaina is set to captivate audiences once again with her upcoming release, “Chikna Munda,” shot extensively in Dubai with international artist collaboration, scheduled for release on December 4th, 2023, on major streaming platforms.

The buzz around her extends to upcoming collaborations with some of the biggest names in the Dutch music scene. In response to her recent achievements, Ginita Sunaina expressed her gratitude and shared her perspective on “Conficted.” She views the film as a tribute to the youth facing societal pressures and silently enduring struggles. The accolades received globally have left her feeling blessed and overwhelmed. With a series of new releases on the horizon, Sunaina acknowledges the widespread love and support she has received from a global audience and the amazing warmth the Indian Bollywood industry has extended to her.

In her own words, Ginita Sunaina leaves a powerful message for her admirers and aspiring dreamers alike, stating, “Dream big but don’t forget to wake up and work on it.”

As “Chikna Munda” gears up for its release, audiences can anticipate yet another compelling performance from the talented actress. Ginita Sunaina’s journey has just begun, and she believes she will strengthen Indo / Dutch relations with the power of music!

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