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That is why we believe that you must learn to see yourself as you really are: a woman with a body of a superior size, who has qualities that are worth highlighting and imperfections that can be hidden. Any woman can look spectacular if she harmonizes the colours very well, wears the right clothes, according to the dimensions of the body, and chooses the accessories (shoes, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc.) that best suit her style. FeelinGirl black Friday shopping is on boom now.

1. Dark tones are the best

It is not an obligation that you should always wear dark clothing, as if you were going to a wake, but definitely the black colour helps to disguise those parts, such as the waist, that you do not want to attract attention.

2. ‘V’ necks and loose sleeves

Super important that you start wearing clothes that highlight your neck and show your chest. The same as not wearing clothes that tighten your arms. It is recommended that you free your arms and do not subject them to unnecessary ‘torture’ that will end up making you uncomfortable.

3. Avoid too tight and short garments

Especially those that include side pockets, pleats or stripes. These clothes might work if they are dark tones that don’t attract much attention. A suit too tight to your body homogenizes the lines of your body.

4. Divert attention

This is key. If you have already analysed which parts of your body are the ones that definitely attract powerfully attention, for example your eyes, your chest, hair, waist or legs, focus on highlighting them more.

5. Use of high heels, but wide

This part should be in harmony with the rest of the set of clothes and accessories that you use. High and thin heels do not go well, and they are usually a problem.

6. Wear blouses or wrap dresses

They are ideal to hide the chubby ones that usually appear around the waist. This type of garment refines the silhouette and favours the neckline.

7. Make up with more power

If there is something that all women of large sizes have, it is that they can also wear much more dynamic makeup. Highlighting the eyes to throw flirtatious looks is a trick that always works.

8. Play with accessories

Nothing better than having a good collection of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, hats, belts, scarves, bags, and waist and thigh trimmer in short, so that you can choose the right ones according to the clothes you decide to wear. The important thing is that they stand out and do not get in the way.

9. Avoid garments with round silhouettes

They are forbidden. They will make you look heavy. Same as turtlenecks. The ‘A’ shaped silhouettes are ideal for plus size women.

10. Don’t be obsessed

And finally, try to gain more confidence in yourself and do not get carried away by the traditional canons of beauty. Remember that being a woman is feeling authentic, free, natural and comfortable. Embrace your body and explore the possibilities there are.

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