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Habits that fuels Successful in Digital Entrepreneurship – Sabrina Saggu



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Being a successful entrepreneur in the digital world can be a little challenging. The truth is it requires more than people think it does. Whenever we talk about digital entrepreneurship, some people think it is just all about uploading content and hoping that people like and share. Well, in this article, a young and successful digital entrepreneur shares some of her ideas on the things one must do in order to be successful. Success always comes at a price, so the difference between the successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs is the willingness and determination to pay the price.

Sabrina Saggu is a serial digital entrepreneur who has multiple streams of income online. She has taken it upon herself to help people become successful. How did she get this drive?

Well, Sabrina Saggu was born to middle-class parents of different background. In fact, she was born in London, England but lived in Kenya, Africa for a while before moving to Canada. As a young woman with dreams, she believed that going to school would guarantee a good job, so she got into school, but somewhere along the line, she realized she could do more than getting a 9 – 5 job after graduation. So, she shifted her attention to the business of hospitality. This goes to show that she was one that always strived to do better.

After some time in hospitality, she saw an opportunity that changed her story. She was alert to the opportunity because if she wasn’t, she probably would have lost it. Now, she started her journey to become a digital entrepreneur. She never rested and kept putting in all the work. So, another habit of a successful entrepreneur is perseverance.

She started working with Mastery Academy, a platform that has over a hundred educators who teach in about sixteen different languages. It was her innovative nature that made her understand that she had to get more tutors skilled in different languages, so it is safe to say innovation is another habit.

The ability to overcome challenges is another habit. Sabrina Saggu had her own share of challenges, starting from the loss of her dad to the difficulties she encountered in trying to invest in or work with people of different backgrounds. Well, according to her, not everybody was willing to put in the work to attain financial freedom, so she resorted to working with only those who wanted her help.   

She also believes that a successful digital entrepreneur has to be consistent and dedicated. There needs to be this drive and burning desire to succeed, or you will not be able to overcome the challenges that may arise along the way.

A successful entrepreneur also needs to build the trust of the clients they work for by maintaining that high level of consistency and dedication.

Ultimately, a successful entrepreneur has to set goals that are achievable. Sabrina has her goals; one of them is being able to touch more than ten million families positively before she retires.

So, developing all these habits would surely guarantee your success not only in digital entrepreneur but in almost every area of life.

To follow Sabrina Saggu‘s journey and get first-hand info, visit her on Instagram, and Facebook today!

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