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Here Are The Top 3 Craziest Things That Have Happened To NYC’s DJ Beyond While Performing At Events



DJ Beyond 7

New York City’s DJ Beyond has spent his fair share of time in the city as a DJ and is even recognized for this as he won the Best Blend DJ by Urban Mixx Awards. In his time, he has played at several parties and got to experience some good times. There were some events that he would never forget and today he’s going to share them with us. Here are the top 3 craziest things that have happened to him at parties.

Noise complain raid

“All the parties I go to or arrange are all legit and no shady stuff happens there. So it isn’t common for the cops to show up because of a complaint. Once we were hosting a party and the police showed up. They were kind enough to explain that they were there due to a noise complaint by a neighbor. Luckily, the party was hosted by my own company BeyondRest Entertainment so the police knew who we were. Things got sorted out pretty soon and we were told not to exceed a volume level. I will never forget that because the day was saved all thanks to the good rep BeyondRest Entertainment has gained over the years. Who knows what would have been if some other company was hosting.”

Party crasher friends

“When I won the Best DJ award by Urban Mixx Awards, none of us were expecting anything like it. We were partying at a place called Limelight and my close friends joined the crowd out of nowhere. They started cheering my name and the whole party started to join them. Then they took out a bottle of champagne and opened it for me. I’ll never forget the way those guys celebrated my win in the middle of a party and had the whole crowd become a part of it. I’m close friends with most of the people I grew up within Manhattan. That is one of the reasons why I always wish to give back to my community. It gave me so much while growing up and still never stops me from giving more. ”

Meeting A Well Wisher

“So I was playing at a party once and got off the stage after I finished my set. A person older than me came close to me and said he was Marvin Sertill, a friend of my father Adolfo Perez. They were part of a Spanish band together. I did not realize it until he reminded me that I used to set up the stage for many of their performances back when I was a kid. The man knew me well and he said he liked my style. He said that he knew about many of my gigs and often saw me play. He was so kind to me and still is. He introduced me to some people who then invited me to be on television shows MTV’s Wild n Out and BET’s Rap City.”

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