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History of Realty according to Reza Jalali



History of Realty according to Reza Jalali

Home and property as an area of comfort for family members have long been significant. Home furnishing has also become an industry that has been more or less popular within the previous couple of decades. At the same time, the methods of shopping for and selling houses and doing business in real estate, in general, have formed an industry that today, over ever, will need wise investment. Real estate investing has become highly regarded in recent years because of the rise in property values ​​and low-interest rates in various countries; But where did this method start?

It may be interesting to grasp that the oldest recorded date within the realty industry is found on the map of the caves! These paintings may indicate a currency exchange between ancient peoples in step with historians. Of course, this industry was started by our ancient ancestors; But human ambition has likely been the actuation behind the sale of a property for financial gain.

Real estate development and marketing became a preferred way to earn money over time. This trend was common in most medieval years. Property ownership was a logo of wealth at the time. One of the main ways the rich could secure their wealth was by buying land and owning property. At this point, the real estate market flourished, and European colonizers set foot within the U.S. With opportunities within the new world, and therefore the free market boom, the seeds of this industry were sown for American entrepreneurs to show it into a money-making machine. The U.S., as one of the leading countries after the industrial Revolution, played a vital role in transforming the concept of property into an industry. The real estate market in this country is rapidly becoming professional. Today, the most prominent investors and realty activists also are active within the U.S.

Also, there was no specific law at first at the beginning of realty history. In fact, at that point, there was still no professional license or certificate to become an expert real estate agent. At that point, realty brokers were more commonly referred to as curb stoners. During this property sale, placards were placed before the houses, and therefore the real estate was sold with the same sign. In this method, there was no list of home sellers. As a result, there have not been many statistics on home sales.

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