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Holi 2020: Tips for Pre-Holi and Post-Holi Skin and Hair Care



Holi 2020

The celebration of Holi in India is one of the much-anticipated days in a year. This time Holi 2020, is observed on March 10, Tuesday. Holi is the festival of colors that brings delight, happiness and smile to each face. On this day, colored powder and water are poured on one another. Individuals likewise cook numerous kinds of foods and sweets including delicious Gujiyas. From mouthwatering delicacies like malpua, gujia and pakore to loading up on colors, arrangements are going all out. The festival is praised by applying dry gulal and buckets of colorful waters on one another.

Be that as it may, amid all the enjoyment and excitement, we frequently forget to deal with our skin which merits most extreme consideration during this time. The eventual outcomes can make inconvenience our skin, eyes, and hair and could demonstrate unsafe to health. Along these lines, precaution ought to be taken during this festival.

Pre-Holi preparation:

Avoid bleaching or waxing or doing facial one week before and after Holi

  • Apply a thick layer of oil or petroleum jelly or cold cream on your skin; remember the lips, areas behind the ears, and the navel.
  • Oil your hair and facial hair as well, liberal use is advised
  • Sunscreen ought to be applied in liberal amounts on all sun-uncovered areas, 30 minutes before going out in the sun, and repeat every 3 hours if you are outdoors
  • Cover yourself with long sleeve clothes
  • Nail polish is a smart thought to protect nails from Holi colors, that recolor them Blue and Green

Here are some basic skin care tips which you have to evade nasty skin issue that emits post-Holi:

  • Oil your skin and hair

It is exhorted that you apply oil (almond, or coconut) to your skin and hair as it will prevent the skin to stop up your pores and enter the skin layers. It additionally protects your hair from getting harmed.

  • Sunscreen

Constant presentation of the sun can remove moisture from your skin and make it tanned. It is hard to restore the glaze once the skin gets tanned. Therefore a sunscreen is an absolute necessity before stepping out to play Holi.

  • Paint nail

You should paint your nails as the thick layer of nail paint will keep the colors from harming your cuticles.

  • Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum Jelly is applied to lipstick to prevent drying and unsafe chemicals by colors. It will keep your lips secured and hydrated while you appreciate the ‘spring festival’.

  • Keep yourself hydrated

On Holi, we frequently forget to drink a lot of water to keep us hydrated. Drink an abundant amount of water (6-7 glass) to ward off skin issues like acne.

  • Apply ubtan

Use desi ubtan made up of besan, lemon, curd, Gulab Jal to expel colors from your face. Save it for at least 45-60 minutes and wash with mild face wash including Aloe Vera.

During Holi:

  • Prefer playing with dry colors and those that are certified esafe’, if using wet colors, select organic colors
  • Avoid colors which are Golden and Silver paints
  • Wash your skin following you see the 1 st indication of irritation or itching
  • Keep the moisturizer handy, applying moisturizer immediately reduces irritation, and the layer of moisturizer ensures the highest layer of the skin from aggravations in the colors
  • Keep yourself hydrated, drinking water guarantees that the deeper layers of skin are supported
  • Avoid expending a lot of alcohol

Post Holi cleaning custom:

Take a bath while the color is as yet wet

Soaps vs cleansers vs ubtan: Ubtan-like packs made of earthen clay (Multani Mitti) or a mix of wheat flour, curd, haldi can be applied everywhere throughout the body to expel the color. This guarantees the skin doesn’t get excessively dry as against using the soap, as its detergent activity may dry-out the skin.

Lukewarm water always helps. Use cleansing milk and lukewarm water must be utilized on the face, as a second wash after using the Ubtan. You can likewise apply a combination of sea salt, Glycerin and aromatic oil to expel the color.

Try not to scrub, expel the Ubtan while it is as yet wet, this is particularly significant for those with acne-prone facial and truncal (chest and back) skin

Shampooing is important to clean the scalp and conditioner will help condition and moisten the hair, keeping them from getting frizzy

  • Post bath:

Generously apply moisturizer for the skin, and serum for hair Hand and foot cream ought to likewise be used explicitly because these areas have the greatest contact with the color.

After playing Holi and having a ton of fun time with every one of your loved ones under the sun, these skincare customs are an unquestionable requirement to deflect the harm previously done.

  • Exfoliate your skin

Make sure to clean your face and body completely in the wake of playing Holi. Utilize a natural scrub that isn’t harsh on the skin and expel all the stains from your body. Be delicate as your skin has just had an intense day. Investing in a tan-removal scrub is a smart thought, as your skin has been presented to the unsafe UV rays for a long while. Rinse with cold water and pat dry.

  • Soothe your skin

The primary motivation behind post-Holi skincare is to soothe your irritated skin. The best and most organic approach to do so is by applying aloe vera gel all over your face and body. Keep it on for quite a while, at that point take it easy. If you would prefer not to use aloe vera, at that point a cooling cucumber mask is likewise a perfect other option.

  • Revive your skin

The goodness of rose water is something we as a whole know about. It helps in reviving the skin as well as deeply penetrates the skin and gives you a natural pinkish glow. This post-Holi skincare custom is an absolute necessity to do. Apply rose water with the help or a cotton pad or spray it directly all over. Save it for 15-20 minutes at that point flush with icy cold water.

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