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Can Corset Help You Lose Weight?



Can Corset Help You Lose Weight

Here we answer 5 common corset questions that people ask all the time.

1. Whether or not my corsets are actually going to make me lose weight?

If only it was that simple to lose weight just by wearing a corset. Of course, it is not going to magically make you lose weight.

What it can do, however, if you are wearing your corset for many hours a day, including through meal-time, it will act as an external lap band and it will reduce the amount of food that you can intake in any one sitting.

If you’re somebody who tends to pile up your plate full of food, you will not be able to do that with your custom corsets. It will force you into eating smaller, spaced out meals throughout the day, which can result in weight loss.

But weight loss is not what corset is designed to do.

2. How do I know if my corset is on the right way?

That’s particularly difficult if you’ve never worn a corset and because some corsets are pretty symmetrical, it’s hard to even know whether you’ve got the right side up or upside down.

Most corsets have the loops or hooks on your right side and the pins are always going to be on your left side.

You also want to make sure that your waist tape, which can be very visible and all corsets have a waist tape even if it’s hidden in between the two outer layers, is right at your natural waist because that is the smallest part of the corset.

You just make sure you open it up all the way, it’s fully loose before you try to fasten it and then cinch it up.

3. Why is it important to season your corset?

Why indeed? It is so very important to season your corset for many reasons. One of which is you want to make sure that you adjust your body slowly to the corset, but the corset also needs time to shape to your body shape.

In addition to stitching and the fabric, if you just take your new corset the first time when it’s just cold and not broken in, and just snatch it up real tight, there’s a good chance you’re gonna do some damage to the corset and probably to yourself.

With seasoning, your corset will last longer and fit better.

4. Everybody wants to be smaller, so when can I size down my corset?

Once you have your corset seasoned and you’re wearing it pretty regularly, because everybody does really want to size down, it’s like “I’ve had my corset a month, am I ready to size down,” unless you’re losing weight,  probably not.

Once your corset is all the way closed in the back and the laces meet side to side, and you can wear it that way comfortably all day or however long you normally wear your corset, then you’re ready to size down.

A lot of people would think because they only have an inch they should size down. No, you shouldn’t size down, especially if you’re wearing a corset under size 30.

If you’re wearing a 36 or 38 size corset and you’re dropping weight, you might be able to order your next corset and start seasoning it while you’re still wearing your old corset.

But in the smaller sizes, in particular, a size down is a huge drop. If you put on a smaller size corset, it would not fit you at all and it would be really uncomfortable.

If you are not waist training and you don’t plan to size down any further than you already are, just because you got your 22 sizes, it doesn’t mean you need to size down to a size 20 as long as you are still feeling the compression and you are still receiving the benefits.

5. What’s the difference between a steel bone corset and a waist cincher?

When you put on a waist cincher, you’re just wrapping it around and fastening it and it’s not going to be able to cinch up.

Whereas when you put on a corset, it goes on loose, you loosen it all up and you put it on and then you’re able to take the laces and cinch yourself in and really define the waist.

The fabric is stiff enough that it’s going to hold that shape for you while you are training your waist, which is something that the latex or spandex cinchers cannot do. They don’t cinch in.

When you see various celebrities with their corset for waist training, really what they are wearing is a latex cincher. It’s great and it has a lot of great uses but it is not the same as wearing a steel bone corset for waist training.

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