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Honor affirms it isn’t influenced by U.S. trade bans similar to Huawei



Honor affirms it isnt influenced by U.S. trade bans similar to Huawei

In November 2020, after many long periods of holding solid, Huawei at last relented and sold off Honor as an independent brand to a consortium of agents and sellers. This split permitted Honor to go into partnerships with MediaTek, Qualcomm, and numerous others, something it couldn’t do as long as it stuck alongside Huawei.

Honor’s CEO Mr. George Zhao Ming currently affirms that the organization is no longer compelled by the sanctions that have roadblocked Huawei for a decent part of two years now.

In an interview with South China Morning Post, Honor CEO Mr. George Zhao Ming showed up extremely hopeful about the future, intending to make flagship cell phones and rival everybody, including Huawei.

This really is definitely not another objective, as Honor often as of now went up against Huawei in a few price sections in a few markets. Furthermore, presently with the US-sanction-on-Huawei roadblock far removed, Honor has regained a lot of its locked potential.

Notwithstanding continuing, partnerships with Intel, AMD, Qualcomm, Mr. Zhao likewise affirmed that Honor is in talks with Google and hopes to continue its partnership with the organization. This implies that Honor could bounce back at the global level with Google Mobile Services included on its cell phones.

The recently launched Honor V40 5G could be the ideal vehicle for this, however, this is us speculating and Mr. Zhao didn’t specify such plans. The brand attempts to contend in the value-for-money segments, and a decent phone with GMS is exactly what the organization needs to contend at the global level.

Shedding Huawei additionally has benefits beyond cell phones. Honor recently additionally launched the MagicBook Pro 2021, which is a product made conceivable with proceeded with participation with Intel and Microsoft, among others.

There’s absolutely a great deal of potential here, and regardless of whether you don’t buy their products yourself as a customer, the net impact of the competition such an organization brings along will undoubtedly profit the market toward the end.

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