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How Chasen Nevett Helps Companies Post IPO



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Congratulations! You have successfully taken your company public. After an arduous process of regulatory filings and road shows, you have raised capital and are now listed on a stock exchange. You’ve been successfully implementing your business plan, but now you are facing an issue: What if my company needs to raise more capital in a year or two years? This is where Chasen Nevett enters the picture.

Chasen Nevett is an entrepreneurial financier based out of Singapore. He provides innovative financing solutions to public companies around the world. Chasen Nevett is often approached by companies that have recently gone public but need to raise additional capital. Fortunately for these companies, Chasen Nevett is the right person to approach.

Chasen Nevett works with the senior management of the public company looking to raise additional capital after going public. Many times, the companies didn’t raise sufficient funds in the IPO, so they evaluate other options to obtain funding. Oftentimes, banks are very reluctant to offer their balance sheet to companies due to Basel III and other regulatory capital requirements. When bank financing is available, it often comes with many covenants that will inhibit management’s ability to run the company smoothly. Chasen Nevett doesn’t see a reason for all these restrictions. So what happens when a company approaches Chasen Nevett?

After a company engages Chasen Nevett, he will begin to evaluate various qualitative and quantitative elements of the business, including the capital structure, financials, economic outlook, etc. Chasen Nevett provides financing “on-tap” for public companies that partner with him. He will put together a bespoke solution for the company that offers total flexibility while benefiting all stakeholders of the company.

Chasen Nevett is able to finance public companies quickly by negotiating a direct investment deal with the company. In other words, there is no need for the public company to raise new capital from the market through a public offering. Public offerings often entail headaches such as road shows, hefty placement fees, and long implementation time. Chasen Nevett is able to eliminate these headaches for public companies, which is why many companies are now turning to Chasen Nevett for financing.

In summary, Chasen Nevett believes that public companies should leverage their unique ability to raise capital efficiently after going public. The equity capital raised in an IPO might not be enough to entirely finance the grow plans that companies want to implement. For companies that need a flexible financing solution while enhancing shareholder value, they can rely on Chasen Nevett to deliver the results that they need.

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