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How e-commerce specialist Barrett Shepherd bridged the gap between customers and order fulfillment



Barrett Shepherd

It’s one thing to manage inventories; it’s another thing to ship the items to customers at their desired places in time! In particular, brands and eCommerce players struggle with the challenge to efficiently ship orders to the buyers. eCommerce specialist Barrett Shepherd saw this issue and tried to address it with his eCommerce fulfillment company, Simpl Fulfillment. Here are a few insights he shared about how his company is helping brands automate their shipping operations.

Bridging the gap between sellers and buyers

Barrett’s eCommerce story is as inspiring as any other big success story. When he was in high school, he couldn’t get enough grades to get into college. But Barrett took it all in his stride and started his own business. He was only 20 years old when he began to operate out of a tiny office in Austin. Since then, it has grown into a much larger enterprise, all bootstrapped by Barrett. Having set up with a small debt of $7000, Barrett’s eCommerce fulfillment company now runs 7-figures of revenue every year.

Simpl Fulfillment connects to every major marketplace and automatically ships out orders as they come in. Barrett shared that “Sellers just need to send their inventory, connect shopping carts, and watch orders ship out – automatically.” He is on a mission to help every brand deliver orders to their customers without any delay and damage.

Dedicated account manager

Barrett shared that Simpl Fulfillment connects customers with dedicated account managers. From addressing customer queries to seeing customers through till an appropriate solution is cracked, they handle everything promptly and professionally. “We don’t believe in 1-800 numbers and customer service teams functioning from a different city. We provide a dedicated account person who works in the same building where the orders are to be shipped from,” shares Barrett. As per him, his army of devoted account managers won’t stop till they resolve customer issues, should they arise. All of Barrett’s clients get a dedicated customer success person from day one.

Catering to all needs

Whether it is an apparel brand, jewelry store, a supplement business, custom artwork shop, Shopify store, or any other retail store, Barrett’s Simpl Fulfillment is a simple pick, pack, and ship solution for every growing eCommerce business.

Cloud-based services

Barrett’s shipping platform uses cloud-based software to view and manage orders, returns, and inventory, from anywhere. Simpl Fulfillment integrates directly with eCommerce platforms to give them access to real-time order and inventory data. Barrett states that every process is as easy as installing their app.

Ask him what made him work in the eCommerce space, he says, “I saw brands finding it hard to deliver items to customers. I wanted to help them figure out a way to solve it, and here I am with a solution that is easy to adopt.”

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