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How many types of advertising teasers do we have? Ali Pourmohamad gave a complete explanation of this



Ali Pourmohamad

Since the advent of the computer and the emergence of various television advertising software, it has taken on a special color and smell, and with the beginning of the animation era, some TV teasers are animated. Has taken.

Nowadays, making different types of teasers has a special science and teasers are made in a completely principled way.

 Types of promotional teasers

There are currently several teaser models on TV:

Animated advertising teaser

Real promotional teaser

Real animated and hybrid advertising teaser

Motion graphics advertising teaser

 Animated advertising teaser

 As mentioned, since the advent of the computer, computer software and animation have been made, which can be said to be very necessary and very effective for a certain age group. For example, it is very effective for children and adolescents who belong to this age group, or even animated teasers are very useful for products that can not show all the angles of the product with a certain quality.

These teasers can be divided into several sections: short animation teasers, product introduction animation, character-oriented animation and…. Divided.

 Real promotional teaser

 Real commercials and TV teasers, which are in the form of a movie, have both a story and its atmosphere is completely filmed, which helps to introduce the product in a real way with all the shapes and the real type of product. Which is related to the general age group and addresses all segments of the population.

 Real animated and hybrid advertising teaser

 There are teasers that are a combination of real-time filming and animation.

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