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How PureLife Organics Co-Founder Todd Lamb Maintains Work-Life Balance



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What was a major challenge you faced in launching your business?

When I decided to leave policing to start PureLife Organics, people who had supported me spoke negatively and would openly hope that I failed it. I overcame it by relying on my work ethic, learning and building an amazing team. Now I’m really happy with where I’m at and where my business is headed.

What drives you to keep going each day?

To provide my family with opportunities I didn’t have and to provide our customers with a life they desire and deserve. There is no other option but to succeed.

How do you maintain work-life balance?

Because I love my work so much, I have to make an effort to stop working and do things that require 100% focus. I am a commercial helicopter pilot and fly once a week in order to escape business. It is often after flying that I have my biggest breakthroughs.

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