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How Saurabh Goud Became From Blogger To A Successful Entrepreneur



Saurabh Goud

Saurabh Goud was born on 4 November 2001 in Meerut district, Uttar Pradesh.  His father’s name is Mr. Manoj Kumar and his mother’s name is Rekha. He had a special interest in the Internet since childhood and he had a dream since childhood to make his name in the world of the Internet.

He did his schooling S.D. INTER COLLEGE SADAR, MEERUT. Due to his interest in Internet, Computer etc. he has enrolled in B.Sc (Cs) from Meerut College Meerut.

When he was 17 years old, he took up a domain and hosting, on which he started blogging and started writing blogs about tech, in which he did not have anything but still he supported and after 2 years, by 2021, he started his 10+ Blogs. There are thousands of active users on a daily basis.  It manages all its blogs alone. But they have also given employment to a lot of people so that others can also earn money through their blogs. He has kept a content writer for all his blogs.

Today everyone knows the name of Saurabh Goud around the world of Blogging. He has thousands of Active Followers on Facebook and Instagram.  Which proves that it is one of the popular Bloggers.Today Saurabh Goud is a successful entrepreneur

Saurabh Goud is today a Blogger as well as a Web Developer, SEO expert.  Also, it helps a lot to grow the social media accounts of celebrities, they have increased the social media accounts of more than 100 Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities and will continue to do it in future also.

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In the beginning of blogging, he had a lot of trouble like no visitor came to his website in Suru, from which he was not depressed at all, Saurabh Goud believed in his hard work which has been successful today. And it is an inspiration for all of us today who have become a successful entrepreneur at the age of 19.

Saurabh’s site turned out to be extremely celebrated in a limited ability to focus time, making Saurabh Goud mainstream via online media. Since the primary site, Saurabh Goud has made some amazing progress in that today he enlists other youngsters and ladies and produces work for other people. In the middle of this, Saurabh Goud who hails from Uttar Pradesh, has his foundations tucked away in his working class family,

While beginning their careers, Saurabh worked hard to learn about blogging, website traffic management, search engine optimization, personal branding and digital marketing. Saurabh also paid attention to such alien concepts like stock market and cryptocurrency too, in order to support their business and economic well-being.

About Saurabh Goud in Brief

Saurabh Goud Born on 4th November 2001 is a young social entrepreneur from Uttar Pradesh. He helps bollywood & Hollywood celebrities and public figures to grow their online presence through social media marketing. He provides digital marketing services like Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Online Reputation Management, Social media management for Entertainment Industries, Influencer Marketing and many more. He is expert in managing all social media related works for public figures. Just like a brand to increase and maximize their audience reach.


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