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How Studying in Australia Led Andrew James to Travel the World



How Studying in Australia Led Andrew James to Travel the World

What inspired you to start travelling?

When I was 19, I had the chance to study abroad in Australia. At the time I was headed towards an engineering job that I wasn’t passionate about. But I met an entrepreneur in Australia who was so happy with his life. He had a brand new car and a beautiful apartment, but it was more than just having money or things. He was living the dream. I was like, “How is he doing that? He’s so young.” When it was time for me to go back to the US for school, he offered me the opportunity to stay and work with him. My friends and family back home thought I was crazy, but I spent a year in Australia learning how to be an entrepreneur. Then, I started traveling the world full-time.

What makes you stand out from others in your field?

My focus is on living an amazing life. Business is part of that, but business isn’t my life. A lot of entrepreneurs talk about the hustle and grind, and hard work certainly has its place, especially early on. But to sacrifice your whole life to build a business? I don’t get it. I’m focused on living a masterpiece of life, not on being the richest guy in the world.

What does a “masterpiece of a life” look like for you?

I think it’s being happy, well-rounded, and feeling fulfilled in most areas of your life. This means giving your attention to lots of different pillars: money, health, relationships, mindset, and spirit. A masterpiece of life is one where you feel complete in all of these different ways.

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