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How to Choose the Right Air Conditioner for Your Home?



How to Choose the Right Air Conditioner for Your Home

None of us can deny the fact that the invention of modern appliances like Air Conditioner has made our lives much easier than it was earlier. A long time back buying an Air Conditioner was considered a luxury but in today’s world buying an Air Conditioner has become one of the basic needs.

Can you imagine yourself coming home, tired, and uneasy due to the harsh hot weather of Sydney, sitting under a Fan or maybe a cooler and waiting for the devices to bring the temperature of your room as well as your body to an ideal one? Even the thought of the given scenario makes each one of us so much uncomfortable, right?

This summer you do not need to worry about the thoughts like, what air conditioner I should buy? or will I be able to manage the electricity bills after getting an air conditioner for personal use? Or how to make a perfect buy for your space? You will be getting the answers to each of the questions in this article.

The first and foremost step while buying an Air Conditioner is to think and analyze and then choose the right Air conditioner device for your space. A right Air Conditioner not only provides you with super comfortable surroundings but also benefits you by saving your power bills and by providing clean, healthy, and dust-free air indoors. Not only the performance but the durability and reliability are equally important factors that need to be considered while making a purchase. A few important factors have been mentioned in the article:

1. Understanding your home cooling needs

If the size of the room for which you have bought an AC is huge, while the AC that has been installed in the space is small, it is very obvious that the small device will have to work really hard to meet your expectations, which will surely rise your power consumption and will take very long to reach the ideal temperature. Similarly, big-sized AC in a small space will immediately make your room cold thus removing the humidity completely leading to dry surroundings and leaving you clammy and cold. Therefore, it is very important to first measure the dimensions of your space and then make a purchase according to the requirement.

2. Types of Air Conditioners

The game of buying the air conditioner becomes more complex when it comes to choosing the best type of conditioner for yourself. But to ease your process of deciding the best AC for yourself, we here have mentioned the type of air conditioners along with their advantages and disadvantages.

  1.  Central Air Conditioner

Central Air Conditioners comes with ducts and vents all over your home. The ducts force the cool air throughout the indoors while the vents push the heated air outdoors. The temperature of the AC is controlled through a thermostat. Today’s innovation has blessed us with the invention of smart thermostats, thus allowing us to set temperature, and time, set cooling styles, and automated turning off and on the AC.    


  • Quiet or noise-free operation.
  • Reduces your extra effort as controlled by a thermostat.
  • No need for separate ACs in rooms, as ducts spread the cool air throughout.


  • More expensive compared to other systems.
  • Outer components are not that attractive.
  1. Portable Air Conditioner

Portable Air Conditioners are relatively inexpensive. They are set near windows and near to power socket. The built-in fan blows cool air indoors while the exhaust hose throws the heat outdoors through the window outlet.


  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to set up
  • Best for small indoor spaces.


  • Noisy operation.
  • Covers floor space.
  1. Split Air Conditioner

Split Air Conditioners are the best fit for homes, where ducts are not preferred. These are less expensive as compared to Central Air Conditioners. Split AC is designed to get mounted on the wall and consists of refrigerant lines, electrical lines, and drain lines.  While the AC condenser cools the indoors the drain lines empties the entire moisture outdoors.


  • Saves space on the floor.
  • Runs on less power.
  • Can be controlled according to individual needs.
  • Quiet operation.


Importance of Ideal AC Installation

Improper AC installation can lead to malfunctioning of AC and increased power bills. It also decreases the efficiency, durability, and reliability of the device. There are a few important things to note while looking for professional air conditioning contractors in Sydney.

  • To check the refrigerant charge at a high level.
  • The outside supply unit is properly placed.
  • Ensure proper airflow through the device,

Importance of regular AC maintenance

Neglecting Air Conditioner servicing can lead you to expensive repairs in the long run. To beat the uncomfortable hot weather in Sydney, the annual servicing of your device is significant. The benefits of regularly maintaining your AC:

  1. Effective and Efficient Working

Yearly servicing removes all the dust, debris, and buildup from your AC unit, thus providing you with healthy indoor air, less power consumption, and therefore less operational cost. This makes your device run more smoothly and efficiently.

  1. Less expensive Repairs:

Is getting your AC serviced once annually too much to ask for? The answer to this is “NO”!

This is because regular maintenance of your device helps the HVAC professional to keep track of your device over time and troubleshoot small concerns. This saves you time and expense in the long run as huge problems already get prevented by taking care of the small concerns on time.

  1. Better Indoor Air Quality

We all might have heard the famous saying “Health is Wealth”, which means health is the biggest wealth anyone can have.

Do you think it is worth saving money by dodging your regular AC maintenance, and spending this saved money on medicines due to the illnesses caused by ill-maintained AC?

Getting your AC serviced on time not only helps with the better working of the device but provides you with super healthy, allergen-free, dust-free, and fresh air indoors. This is achieved by cleaning all the dust, grime, and debris accumulated in the vents, ducts, and air filters of the AC, thus saving you from a lot of illness, allergies, and other respiratory issues.

Considering the weather in Sydney, Well Air Conditioned indoors is a necessity. Seeing the list of options available in the market will confuse you and can make you a bit anxious while making the purchase. Before you finalize the device for your indoors, it is very important to go through all the requirements and specifications for which a licensed HVAC professional is the best source of assistance. Therefore, we are here to help you with some of the top-notch service providers in Sydney.

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