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How to plan? Part of the speeches of Mojtaba Shahdoost, an Iranian entrepreneur at the University of Tehran



How to plan Part of the speeches of Mojtaba Shahdoost an Iranian entrepreneur at the University of Tehran

Mojtaba Shahdoost, born April 1, 1991, is an Iranian entrepreneur and investor.

Chairman of the board of directors of Sharin, pharmacist Shaygan, and he is the CEO of maftol City and the CEO of ahan 118.

In his new lecture at the University of Tehran, Mojtaba Shahdoost referred to issues related to proper planning.

Biography of Mojtaba Shahdoost:

One of the most active Iranian youth 30 years of age, the back of strong work and effort made in the integration of a name is called Mojtaba.

In the following, we will deal with a part of Mojtaba Shahdoost speeches regarding work planning:

Before you know how to plan, you need to know how you manage your day-to-day life right now. If you have to go to school or work, the hours you spend at school or work are already managed for you and you can not plan for them. But in your free time, you have much more freedom of action.

• Spend a few days exploring how you spend your time. Keep notes of what you learned from the process. Pay close attention to how you spend your free time. Do you play video games or do you clean the house? Make a to-do list of how much time you spend doing each task.

You probably spend quite a bit of your day just going to and from work or school or going out to do different things. But this is the time you need to organize your daily routine and perform important tasks. Notice how often these trips take you, and devote enough time to these trips in your daily planning.

• Adjust your daily schedule according to these times.

Doing daily planning has a lot to do with understanding how the things you do as usual affect your daily life. Sometimes these are bad habits that prevent you from enjoying life or achieving your goals. While some of these things are necessary to enjoy life or achieve goals. As you plan for yourself, think about the role that your habits play in your life.

For example, you may find yourself in a process in your life where you get tired of doing something you enjoy (like playing video games) and then have the desire or energy to do something else, such as working for a You do not have a longer-term goal (such as studying and academic achievement). On the other hand, you may spend all your time meeting social demands and not devote any time to taking care of yourself. All of these habits can be detrimental to your health and happiness. So you need to pay attention to how your current habits affect your life.

Once you find a habit that prevents you from achieving your goals or the things you desire, look for ways to change that habit so that you can make better use of your time. This can be done simply by setting limits for certain tasks, such as video games. For example, you can only allow yourself to play these games when you have completed tasks related to your long-term goal. You may need to learn to say no to others when they ask you to do something for them so that you can make time for yourself.

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