How to Provide Interesting Hybrid and Virtual Banking Conference Experiences


Banking conferences offer excellent chances for networking, thought leadership, and the creation of new business. The format of banking conferences has changed significantly in the last five years. These events are changing as a result of technology, which makes them more accessible than ever and enables them to reach large audiences. Virtual and hybrid events are now the norm thanks to advancements in event platform technology.

The main challenge facing banking conference planners is how to create an event that stands out and engages participants regardless of their location, as they increasingly utilize cutting-edge technology to deliver virtual and hybrid events.

The following five tried-and-true methods will assist event coordinators in overcoming this obstacle and delivering smooth, captivating virtual and hybrid conferences:

Encourage long-term engagement

Allocate time for interaction throughout the program to maintain the interest of both in-person and online participants. Platforms for virtual events give attendees the chance to engage through interactive breakout sessions, audience chat, polls, and surveys.

Digital event platforms enable both in-person and virtual attendees to pose questions to an on-site moderator to foster a continuous flow of interaction. Additionally, they let a virtual moderator on-screen recognize each virtual participant by name and let them pose their own questions. This has the potential to improve virtual attendees’ interaction and conference engagement.

Offer chances for networking

Attending banking events gives people the chance to network. Through virtual meet-ups, virtual ice breakers, and breakout sessions in smaller virtual meeting rooms, technology can assist conference organizers in fostering networking. Attendees, both in person and virtually, can network and schedule meetings with exhibitors and other participants through in-event apps.

These days, attendees can even use AI matchmaker technology to locate and establish connections with other attendees who have comparable interests and/or professional backgrounds. AI can swiftly evaluate enormous volumes of attendee profile data by applying sophisticated algorithms. This allows AI to strategically match attendees, creating networking opportunities that foster deep connections and improve the overall event experience.

Create interesting content

The foundation of keeping conference attendees interested and involved, whether in person or virtually, is content. Include images, dynamic graphics, and video clips to keep the content visually appealing and engaging for all attendees.

Accessible and inclusive conference experiences also boost engagement. To guarantee that all audience members can access the content, event planners can make use of on-screen interpreters and automated captioning.

Use data to increase attendance at future events

Hybrid and virtual events enhance the wealth of event data available to conference organizers. Event planners can learn what worked and what didn’t by using digital event platforms with integrated analytical data and reporting features. These features allow organizers to examine audience engagement patterns, preferences, and behaviors. Conference organizers can learn what went well, what needs to be improved, and what should be done again by using the extensive analytics functionality that is built into digital event platforms. Future events can benefit from all of this data by having their time, date, and format optimized to increase attendance and engagement.

Choose the appropriate technology collaborator

Regardless of location, robust and user-friendly digital event platform solution providers can make conference participation simple and enjoyable for all attendees. Banking conference planners should make sure they choose an enterprise-grade event management system that can be easily and safely implemented. The following are some essential characteristics of digital event technology that banking event planners should search for:

  • Security at the corporate level
  • High-quality audio and visual
  • Dependable analytics and reporting
  • Incredibly adaptable brand experience
  • Direct assistance
  • Options for accessibility

Event planners can design an experience that keeps both in-person and virtual attendees interested from the beginning to the end of the conference by utilizing the above-discussed tactics.

Raeesa Sayyad

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