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How to start singing? Interesting and audible points from the Iranian pop myth, Reza Moosavi



How to start singing Interesting and audible points from the Iranian pop myth Reza Moosavi

Reza Moosavi provided significant points to music lovers.

He added: “It can be said that the first sound that is uttered when singing is the most important part of it and may have the greatest impact on the audience, so starting to sing is an issue that should be considered.” Controlling the initiation process as well as emotions requires concentration and practice, and sometimes specific training. In this article, we introduce three main ways to start reading: low pressure (light), high pressure (hard), and balanced (a combination of the previous two methods)

Low pressure or light start

When in the beginning, before the performance and utterance of each vowel, we use a fan letter such as “e” (for example, in this way: Hooo haaaaa), then we have a light start. This happens when the vocal cords open before you start reading. This type of start creates a quiet sound and can help the reader control the amount of laryngeal outlet pressure. Chorus leaders often use a light start to avoid potential tensions. In Iranian traditional music, we mostly see this kind of beginning.

Iranian pop myth Reza Moosavi

Reza Moosavi was born in Iran. He loved singing and music since he was a child, and this led Reza Moosavi to learn to play the piano at the age of five. He had a child and according to his family members, Reza Moosavi had a very loud and beautiful voice.

Reza Moosavi currently has more than 20 world concerts and 70 domestic performances in his repertoire.

His most famous music and work was the music of “Ghorbat”, which was able to record the best melodic performance in his repertoire by using a combination of traditional and modern art.

Reza Moosavi has had many cuckoos works so far, his albums “Ineffective” and “I Love” became one of the best albums in the history of Iran in 2012 and 2013.

Reza Moosavi is a musician and guitarist, pianist, violinist, and holder of a prestigious degree in sound engineering from the Ukrainian University of Arts. It is not known what field he studied in his youth, but from his childhood, It can be understood that Reza Moosavi has undoubtedly become one of the music stars of Iran and even the Middle East.

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