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How Usman Rao Established Himself as a Reputed Digital Authority



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The Youngest Businessman of Saharanpur Usman Rao is living a life which many can’t even dream. He is the CEO of Jelly143, how he led a downed company to reach this big place, here he told in an interview

Digital Marketing has become one of the most trending and proficient professions Today in this article we will talk about India’s one of the most Celebrated Internet Marketing in fluence Usman Rao “jelly” He is one of the top 10 entrepreneurs of Saharanpur as well as youngest entrepreneur of the dream city.

Success has become very difficult in the present time, but there are some who have been continuously focusing on their work, one of them is the face Usman Rao who started blogging at the age of 17 and did not think that he Today we will become the owners of such a big company and will achieve so much success, we all know about digital marketing and we also know that it is not everyone’s success to succeed in it, but Usman Rao has been continuously working on his company. Released in 2019, this company will make so much revenue in 1 year, no one would have guessed that Jelly143 is an expert for social media digital marketing, which works with the big brands Instagram Facebook and this company verification also provides and publishes news articles and advertises big brands.

Usman added how he raised the company to such a high level, Usman belong from a middle class family and he never thought that he would give such a great revenue to such a big company, from the small town of Saharanpur he has been a manager of celebrities and politicians on social media before and he has also worked with a lot of celebrities, now he is thinking to launch his product.

The Youngest Businessman of Saharanpur Usman Rao also added that after completing his education, he focused all his attention on his company and worked on it continuously and there were many difficulties along the way but he never gave up and focused on his work and he told that till you give up do not believe until you give up on yourself, if you believe in yourself, then you will definitely get success one day, just you have to believe in yourself, then see how success comes to you. Let us tell you in February 2020 Google Top 50 Entrepreneur List was released in 2019, in which Usman’s name also came and he became an Indian Entrepreneur, after that his Instagram started getting offers from big companies from abroad too.

As a social media influencer and The social media manager promoter does all this at such a young age and is thinking of raising the company gradually even further, if every young person thinks like Usman, then thousands of entrepreneurs will emerge in every city in India. We should learn from Usman how he became successful even at such a young age and we should also learn that we should never give up, no matter how many difficulties come in life.


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