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ICNA Efforts For Spreading Islamic Knowledge




Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) aims to get together and well connect Islam and North American Muslims. ICNA has always been ahead of schedule to develop new and creative ways to provide people with services. Education is a significant part of the knowledge of a person. Schooling has dominated the lives of many people for much of their early years. Education is preparation for the future, and before it is too late, it is, therefore, important to acquire one. Education provides individuals with the tools to think logically and to reason for themselves. Humankind would not have left the Stone Age without knowledge, and this essay would never have been written. The most significant aspect of education, however, is literacy.

ICNA’s Islamic Learning Foundation (ILF)

When it comes to educating the Islamic values and providing Islamic education to the Muslim community living in North America, then the name of ICNA comes upfront. ICNA’s devotion and its level of commitment to imparting Islamic knowledge are unreal and sublime. When everybody is so busy in their daily life, they care little about education that too Islamic education. Everybody is engaged in studying and getting an education but don’t take out time for Islamic studies. ICNA’s initiative to establish a foundation of Islamic knowledge and educate people about Islamic values is the need for all Muslims worldwide. This initiative is nothing short of great and brilliant.  ILF is the Islamic Circle of North America’s educational industry to enrich Muslims’ lives by providing them with sound knowledge of Islam. ILF aims to develop a higher caliber of Muslim leaders by affecting their hearts through a deeper awareness of the faith.ILF takes Islamic learning through seminars, workshops, and rigorous classes beyond just an open lecture and into a formal learning environment, providing a comprehensive educational experience.

In Quranic studies, Hadith studies, Fiqh, Sunnah, Arabic language, Tajweed, and contemporary Muslim issues, scholars provide training. The institution also offers programs focusing on effective leadership, chaplaincy training, and interfaith coordination. There were many on-site classes and online seminars hosted by the ILF, with a total attendance of over 75,000 people across the country. A new website that hosts a registration module and a video library of past ILF courses was developed and launched by ILF, Texas. Based on the curriculum of Al-Azhar University Secondary College, Cairo, a three-year Associate Level Islamic Studies Program was established by ILF Chicago.

The intensive process the team goes through to provide the people with the best possible services is unmatched and impressive. They have also incorporated the masters of Islamic study and leadership development and inter-faith coordination. All of their instructors are very skilled in conveying Islam’s teachings. They do not just focus on theoretics but also explain how to incorporate the teachings into their real lives to benefit from Islamic knowledge and learnings. The ILF also conducts various other interactive and highly beneficial programs and events related to educating people with Islamic values and principles.  

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