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Individual Rights Day 2020: History and Significance of the day



individual rights day

Individual Rights Day is praised on August 29th, the birth date of John Locke, the philosopher who first conspicuously contended that a person has a fundamental property right dependent on his status as a sovereign human being and that it is the administration’s role to secure that right and not to regard its residents as slaves.

Individual Rights Day: History and Significance

Dr. Tom Stevens, the founder of the Objectivist Party, who upholds John Locke’s philosophies concerning the rights of society’s smallest minority and essential unit – the individual began the Individual Rights Day. As per John Locke, “Anything that the man has as a matter of human rights or civil rights is to remain inviolably his,” and even though Locke conceded that individuals gave up some natural rights in return for the aggregate security managed by societies. He held that fundamental individual rights incorporate life, property, freedom, the right to speak freely of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom to the petition of the government.

The most ideal approach to praise the Individuals Rights Day is by finding out about John Locke and his perspectives, assessing your nation’s responsibility to the security of rights, and valuing the estimation of freedom and the religious nature of individual rights. You can likewise find out about Ayn Rand and her reason for perceiving that each man is born with “individual rights” that can’t be squashed upon by the administration or by others. At that point, you can think about the idea of “individual rights” with those of “collective rights.” You can use the hashtag #IndividualsRightsDay to post via social media.

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