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Influencers: Squad Model and the One-Off Collaboration Model Pros, Cons – Brand Ambassadors or One-off Activations?



Influencers Squad Model and the One Off Collaboration Model Pros, Cons – Brand Ambassadors or One off Activations

Brands can select from several models when it comes to influencer collaborations, two of which are the Squad Model and the One-Off Collaboration Model.

The type and length of a brand’s relationship with influencers determines the primary distinction between the two models.

Every strategy has advantages of its own, enabling brands to customize their approaches to target audiences and particular marketing objectives.

Squad Collaboration Model

The Squad model involves a brand hiring a group of influencers for an extended period of time, typically a year, to serve as brand ambassadors and promote the brand through various campaigns.

To foster a feeling of community between the brand and the influencers’ followers, this model makes use of the advantages and reach of a carefully chosen group, or “squad,” of influencers.

The pros:

  • Strong relationships to create organic word-of-mouth and sustain brand momentum.
  • Faster campaign activation to quickly take advantage of social trends.
  • Real exclusivity, steering clear of talent joint ventures with rival companies.
  • obtaining reasonable prices with a plethora of team deliverables.

The cons:

  • Strong correlation with the reputation of the talent.
  • If a creator consistently promotes their followers, there’s a chance that fans will grow weary of them.

Activation tips:

  • Make sure the team members work well together to create a true bond with the brand.
  • To prevent potential backlash, allocate the majority of deliverables to a crucial period and coincide with publication dates.
  • Give squad members access to special discounts and early access to products as exclusive benefits.
  • Squad members should be encouraged to provide feedback, as their firsthand knowledge can provide insightful viewpoints for future campaign optimization.

One-off Collaboration Model

The one-off model is appropriate for certain, short-term marketing goals since it involves brands working with influencers on a campaign-by-campaign basis.

This model makes use of each influencer’s distinct qualities and reach to focus on producing timely content that encourages instant engagement and maximizes the impact of each campaign.

The pros:

  • Reach out to new markets and audiences.
  • Increase reach during times of year when competition is high, like Ramadan.

Evaluate the performance of the talent performance for possible inclusion in upcoming market strategies.

The cons:

  • Greater exclusivity fees for talent.
  • Impact of a short-term campaign lacking much momentum.

Activation tips: 

  • To generate a lot of buzz, go for instant traction and a compelling call to action.
  • Throughout the collaboration, use real-time feedback and make quick adjustments as needed.

It is noteworthy that the process of choosing the ideal influencer collaboration model is contingent upon several factors, and brands may choose to combine the two forms of collaboration to maximize the effectiveness of their upcoming campaigns.

Brands can choose an always-on strategy as a whole to keep their brand visible and engaging across the whole marketing funnel.

In parallel, marketers can incorporate one-time campaigns that focus on consumers at particular funnel stages, typically consideration or conversion.

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