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Innate skills and passion have helped Bailey Knight come to the forefront of the e-commerce space with his dropshipping business



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Even amidst the lockdown, Bailey Knight made revenue of over £1M, leading his business to the top of the dropshipping industry.

The closer we look around ourselves, the more we would find people, especially youngsters who have a set aim in mind to reach their goals in life. Ever wondered what makes all these talented beings come to the forefront of their business niches? Well, these individuals believe in going with the flow in their journeys and leveraging each and every opportunity that may come across them. Continuous hustling and working upon their ideas have helped these individuals reach the success they desire and Bailey Knight serves as the best example of the same in the vast dropshipping world.

The way the e-commerce space is developing, it is obvious that it is driven by people who are defying all odds, even amidst these trying times all over the world. This determination and commitment to do something big in the industry have allowed entrepreneurs like Bailey Knight to achieve massive momentum. A youngster from Cardiff, Wales who began working at the naive age of 16 went ahead to create his business and earn 7 figures by the age of 25 in lockdown. This can act as a case study for achieving success for many other aspiring entrepreneurs in the e-commerce industry.

Today, Bailey Knight co-owns and operates a lucrative dropshipping business that caters to businesses worldwide through online mediums. At only 25 years of age, Bailey Knight has been able to create his unique niche as a dropshipping entrepreneur who works for brands all over the globe via Shopify. His approach in branding and marketing and his keen focus on the development of his business has kept this youngster much ahead of his contemporaries in the market.

After quitting his full-time job at the Integral UK at the age of 23, Bailey Knight dived deeper into the entrepreneurial world with his business partner and friend Jay, whom he met online. Together they run their profitable dropshipping business and have created a prominent presence for itself even amidst fierce competition. For Bailey Knight, hard work and the right mental attitude is everything. He says that both of these things have helped him in his journey to believe in his dreams and take the necessary efforts to turn all of them into a beautiful reality.

Today, Bailey Knight owns his dream cars like Lamborghini Huracan, Audi R8, and Range Rover and has created a 7-figure earning business during such crucial times in the world, apart from two other businesses. This proves the dedication and passion of this youngster for excelling at the dropshipping niche with his business. Want to know more about him? Follow him on Instagram @knight.


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