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Innovative SEOs Best Recipe for Sales Growth in All Circumstances By Victor Smushkevich




Victor Smushkevich, the Founder and CEO of Tested Media, has occupied an enviable place for himself in the world of business promotion and sales growth through his unique SEO technique.  

This unique SEO technique increases the visibility of a sales platform and helps them get enquiries. Such enquiries ultimately are converted into sales, thus raising the profitability of the company.

Victor Smushkevich’s SEO-technique also rescued a large number of online shops and sales counters to maintain their sales growth even during the pendency of the COVID-19 pandemics.

This has made Victor Smushkevich a digital marketing Guru. This, however, is quite justified as he practically gave a re-orientation on how to carry out business in difficult times with the help of SEO as the main tool.  

In other words, he proved nothing can be more powerful as a business strategy than digital marketing. This is due to the reason that the SEOs can quickly convert queries into business. For this, of course, his suggestion to utilize social media to the fullest extent possible worked much to the help of his clients.

That is why Tested Media, the digital market promotion company of Victor Smushkevich, practically has become synonymous with the organic growth of a sales company or online business platforms. His innovative and need-based marketing strategy greatly helped entrepreneurs and startup companies grow steadily.

Tested Media helped many companies survive the current lockdowns that drastically reduced customer’s visit in shops through the boost in online sales made possible through social media presence and the SEOs.

Victor Smushkevich’s need-based Social Media Marketing and SEOs acted quickly in attracting a large number of customers who booked their products online. It helps in maintaining the tempo of sales of companies even during the pandemic.

The efficacy of his very scientific marketing strategy can be gauged from the fact that it found out a great avenue of sales at a juncture when work from home became the neo-normal for the employees as they could not go to offices physically.

Subsequently, they could not be physically present also in shops on their way home from the office in the evening to buy essential items. Here, social media marketing proved to be a great avenue to continue sales and purchases.

This digital sales strategy of Victor Smushkevich turned out to be a time tested one amidst the outbreak of COVID-19 and played a major role in combating the frequent lockdowns of shops, but also created an alternative marketing avenue.

Particularly for the startups, Tested Media practically has come up as a partner in their growth. One of the primary reasons for Smart Street Media’s soft corner for startups is that Victor Smushkevich succeeded in his life as a businessman after a long struggle thus knowing the problems that first-time entrepreneurs face.

He wanted to make it big in business but when entered into the business, he found he has no one to help him. He achieved through hard struggles. This realization led him to act as a guide and mentor the startups through the SEOs, digital presence and Public Relations.

Since the pattern of business is changing fast, the answer truly lies in digital marketing, social media presence and the SEOs. Business success hinges on them in future.


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