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Instagram launches Remix on Reels; How to use TikTok Duets-like feature



Instagram launches Remix on Reels How to use TikTok Duets like feature

Instagram is officially launching a new feature called Remix, which offers an approach to record your Reels video close to a video from another client. The option is like TikTok’s current Duets feature, which additionally allows clients to respond to or interact with someone else’s video content while making their own. Instagram’s new feature has been public testing before today, so some Instagram clients may have already gained access.

Instagram Reels as of now copies TikTok in multiple ways, and now, it’s getting one more feature from the popular video app: duets. On Instagram, clients can now “remix” a reel, which means they can upload a video close to another user’s, expanding on top of the original clip. The feature is now well known on TikTok, frequently for dance challenges, under the “duet” function.

We recently reported Instagram’s plans with Remix, while noticing that Snapchat was building up its very own Remix feature of its own. Indeed, Snapchat is likewise using the name “Remix” for its TikTok Duets rival that is at present being developed.

The alternative is almost equivalent to TikTok’s ‘Duets’ option, which has demonstrated enormously popularity in the app. Given this present, it’s little surprise to see Instagram adding something very similar to Reels, with the tool enabling clients to successfully collaborate with different clips, making new versions, and adding new angles to the original upload.

On TikTok, Duets are a key part of making the app feel more like a social network and less of simply an aloof video-watching experience. Clients take advantage of Duets to sing, dance, joke, or act close by another client’s video. They will do things like cook another person’s recipe, record a reaction video, or even watch a video from a more modest maker to give them a lift.

Then, TikTok competitors — like Instagram Reels, Snapchat’s Spotlight, or YouTube’s Shorts, for example — have launched their short-form video experiences without a full set of an engagement or editing features like TikTok has, causing their applications to feel like pale knockoffs of the original. Remix on Reels is an initial move toward changing that insight, by giving clients at least one significant option to engage and team up with their fellow creatives.

To use the new Remix feature, you’ll first tap on the three-dot menu on a Reel and select the new “Remix this Reel” option. The screen will at that point split into the original Reel and your own new one, where you can start to record next to each other with the original.

At the point when you’ve completed, you can change different aspects of the recording like the volume of the original video or your audio and you can alternatively add a voiceover. After applying these or some other edits, you can publish the Remix.

To remix a reel, tap the three-dot menu on a reel and select “Remix this Reel.” From there, you can record your reel or upload pre-recorded footage. You can likewise control the volume for the original audio or your recorded audio, and add a voiceover, alongside other editing functions.

Just new reels will have remixes enabled automatically, yet on the off chance that you as of now have a reel that you want individuals to have the option to remix, you can manually turn that on by tapping that three-dot menu on your own video and selecting “Enable Remixing.” If you want to turn off remixing on the entirety of your reels, you can do so through your more extensive profile settings.

The feature might be accessible on recently uploaded Reels — so lamentably, if you want your older Reels to be duetted, you either need to reupload them or return to your old Reel and specifically enable Remix.

Your Remixes will show up close by some other Reels you’ve recorded on the Reels tab on your Instagram profile, and you’ll have the option to track who has remixed your content through Instagram’s Activity tab.

Regardless of whether the option aides help Reels engagement will be another question, however hitherto, Instagram says that Reels has seen great user response, especially among clients in India, where TikTok was restricted in the middle of last year.

Given this, regardless of whether Reels doesn’t get on fundamentally in different regions, it could still be a feasible alternative for Instagram to keep on creating, while extra monetization tools and options could likewise help IG keep more video makers on its platform, as opposed to floating off to TikTok instead.

That is a major inspiration for IG as of now. Recently, Business Insider announced that Instagram is likewise offering TikTok stars new agreements to create exclusive content on its platform instead. Inside this push, Reels may likewise go about as a complementary channel to their more extensive marking and monetization efforts on the platform, while Instagram’s additionally investigating how to monetize Reels and share that revenue stream also.

From a brand marketing viewpoint, Remix could likewise be a thought for UGC, and starting applicable trends with your Reels clips.

Reels launched in August a year ago and at first, Instagram appeared to be available to having individuals repurpose their TikToks on the platform. In any case, as the months have passed by, Instagram has added more TikTok-like features while additionally deemphasizing any content that has been recycled.

The organization is obviously serious about making the short-form video content a mainstay. It added a Reels button to its home screen and surprisingly guaranteed the videos cut its global Lite app. It’s simply getting nearer and closer to taking after TikTok precisely.

The feature is carrying out, beginning today, says Instagram. It will be enabled by default on all new Reels published from a public account.

In case you’re hoping to use the new Remix option:

  • Track down an incredible reel
  • Tap the three-dot menu on a reel and select “Remix this Reel”
  • The screen will split into the original reel and your new one – begin recording your Remix! Your recording will be side-by-side to the original reel
  • When recorded, you can control the volume for the original audio, your recorded audio, and add a voiceover. To edit volume controls tap the slider icon up top, to add a voiceover tap the microphone icon up top
  • Edit as you want, and post your remixed Reel

Note: just recently uploaded Reels will have Remix enabled

Remix is accessible from today on iOS and Android.


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