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International Day of Friendship 2019: History and Significance of Friendship Day; Wishes, Quotes, Status, Messages For Happy Friendship Day



Happy Friendship Day

International Day of Friendship is celebrated on July 30, the whole way across the globe. The “Friendship Day” that is celebrated on various dates in various nations. In any case, happy friendship day was celebrated globally for the first time on 30 July 1958. With the coming in of August, everybody anticipates the celebration of Friendship Day, which is seen on the first Sunday of the eighth month i.e. 4 August in current year. In any case, before Friendship Day, another comparable festival regarding the obligation of friendship is celebrated world over. The International Day of Friendship likewise called as the World Friendship Day or International Friendship Day.

It was started by the founder of Hallmark Cards, Joyce Hall in 1930. The day is celebrated to cherish friendships that everyone value in their lives and to dedicate a day to our companions. The UN pronounced International Day of Friendship on July 30, be that as it may, a few nations including India, Mexico, Pakistan, Spain and so on have their very own dates during the current day.

History and Significance of International Friendship Day

The idea of World Friendship Day was first proposed by Dr Ramon Artemio Bracho in 1958 when he was on a supper with his friends in Puerto Pinasco in Paraguay. The friends’ supper offered ascend to World Friendship Crusade. World Friendship Crusade is a foundation that advances friendship and care among all people paying little respect to their race, religion, ethnicity. As far back as that day, Paraguay celebrates Friendship Day on July 30. On April 27, 2011, the General Assembly of the United Nations assigned July 30 for the International Friendship Day.

As per the UN, the day depends on the acknowledgment of the relevance and significance of friendship in one’s life. Friendship is viewed as a respectable and important assumption in each individual’s life. Numerous nations have their own dates to celebrate friendship. In Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil Friendship Day is celebrate on July 20. They celebrate Friendship by meeting friends and going out with old companions In Bangladesh, Malaysia, UAE and India, the day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August i.e. August 4 of present year. The residents celebrate this day by tying friendship bands on one another’s wrists and sending greetings through text messages. In Bolivia, the day happens on July 23. Venezuela, Ecuador and Mexico celebrate Friendship’s Day around the same day they celebrate love, on February 14. The USA celebrates their friends on February 15, aside from the state of Ohio that celebrates it on April 8.

Despite the fact that the day has diverse days for festivity, it was made to comprehend the significance of every friend and fortune the bond individuals share with every friend. Every friend is unique and July 30 is made for every one of them.

This day was proposed by the World Friendship Crusade, a global association that encourages a culture of harmony through friendship. So on this day, it is ideal to share to friends what people feel about them and how much significance their friendship has. So in the event that they are searching for friendship messages and wishes, quotes for best friends let us help you out.

This is a day that stands up to the emergency on the planet by building harmony among individuals of various religions, caste, backgrounds and social statutes.

Happy International Day of Friendship 2019: Wishes

“Your friendship is an ornament that decorates my life. Have a beautiful International Day of friendship.”

“A hug is worth a thousand words. A friend is worth more. You are the greatest friend I am happy to have in my life. Wishing you the warm wishes of the special day. “

“Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead. Walk beside me and be my friend. Happy International Day of friendship!”

“Happy International Day of Friendship!”

“Wishing a colorful day to an incredibly wonderful friend. Your friendship is responsible for making my life worthwhile. This is why I can never ever stop treasuring it! Happy International Day of friendship.”

Special Quotes For Best Friend

“A friend in darkness does not allow darkness to be realized.”

“True friend never leaves you alone in trouble.”

“Sincerely Friend understands your quality.”

“Do not let you dare with a true friend.”

“Sincerely and good friend is a gift from God.”

“Good and sincerely friends make happy situations for you.”

“Having a good friend you will never helpless,
because you have a good supporter In the form of a friend.”

“Where all are creating sorrow, the comfort of a sincere friend becomes a source of satisfaction.”

“The Moments passed with best friends,
become a part of the beautiful Memories.”

“It does not matter how is your circumstances are,
the matter is how your friends are.”

“The real friend loves you despite knowing your flaws.”

“Good friend is related to your heart and soul.”

“Friendship is the fruit that does not take much time to ripped.”

“Good friends cause to get relief from distress and bring happiness.”

“Friendship is a relationship that is set aside without any purpose.”

“A sincere friend is not selfish at any condition.”

“A best friend is your shield that keeps you safe in every situation.”

Happy Friendship Day 2019: Messages For Friend

“You are precious gift for me from God I thank you God for you.”

“Dear friend I want to spend most of my time with you to get relief from my worries and sorrows because You are the major source of my happiness.”

“Whenever I sit alone I am missing someone too much and someone is you my Best Friend.”

“I felt that every happiness is incomplete without you dear friend.”

“God blessed me with many blessings and one of the most important blessing is my friend.”

“Let’s be friends.. True friendship is forever!
Friendship is different:
Strong and diverse,
Cheerful and very calm,
Long, warm, decent.”

“As a friend, you always choose the
one you trust.
The one with whom you share secrets,
And with whom you break bans.”

“Congratulations to my friends
And on this day I wish them,
So that we were with each other
Always – both in the sun and in the blizzard!”

“How good to have friends,
After all, you can have fun with them,
And if something, suddenly, not so –
The problem can be shared.”

Best Quotes On International Day Of Friendship 2019

“Friends will always understand you,
Give advice, help in trouble.
And even just to keep silent,
When words are out of place, they can.”
Well Wisher

“Friendship Day celebrated by the people,
The whole world congratulates each other.
Let every friendship saves,
And do not forget about friends!”
Well Wisher

“Congratulations on International Friendship Day. May our communication never break, may there people in your life. Who are always ready to help, who will take your side in any situation, who will share with you both joy and sorrow, people who called friends. I wish you strong friendship, bright smiles and happy days surrounded by dear people.”
Well Wisher

“Not everyone can be a friend,
This is a rare gift from God.
Let you in this life difficult,
There will be a reliable friend.”
Well Wisher

Happy Friendship Quotes 2019

“In Friendship International Day,
Congratulations we friends.
Those who are with us in the rain and cold,
with whom, we are better and stronger.”

“Friendship is important.
and Friendship is necessary.
Everyone knows this:
Living without friendship is difficult!”

“Happy holiday, girlfriends!
Happy holidays, friends!
can’t live without each other.”

“Take care of your friendship,
Clearly without words:
It’s no matter how you twist It’s more
important than love …”

“How nice that there is
such a wonderful person.
I was lucky, after meeting you,
I found a friend forever!”

“You are fair, you are wise and honest,
You will always help you in trouble With
good friendly advice,
And in drab routine”

“You will arrange a happy holiday for you,
Wonderful leisure giving me.
And life becomes more beautiful,
And all – thanks to you!”

“I am happy that
you exist in my life , and we are friends.
And on International Friendship Day I
congratulate you with joy!”

“On international friendship day,
Friends congratulate me not too lazy.
Great happiness to wish,
“Thank you” sincerely to say.”

Happy Friendship Day 2019: Messages Status

“For always having been around,
For finding time.
and For the fact that you have me,
For the fact that our friendship is so strong.”

“Friendship is not a gift,
Friendship must be earned,
And therefore, on Friendship Day , I
wish everyone not to forget”

“Call your loved ones,
Wish them good
And then those wishes
To return to you all in full!”

“I will tell all my friends,
nothing utaya:
you are my support in life,
my jetty and family.”

“On this warm summer day
I congratulate all friends,
Laughter, joy, goodness
I wish them today.”

“Tougher friendship in this world
There is nothing in the world,
A friend will help and support,
Good will always give advice.”

“It has always been this way and forever,
That friend is the most important person for us
Today we celebrate Friendship
Day and congratulate our best friends on this day.”

“Therefore, I wish everyone quicker
To gather all beloved and faithful friends,
In order to warmly celebrate together the
most cheerful holiday in the world.”

“Happy Friendship Day! Let it be beautiful,
True and honest, always fair,
Only without quarrels, only happy and peaceful,
The simplest and all necessary!”

“May your friendship help you live brightly
And present surprises, gifts,
Let your friends share joy with you,
Life is a happy success and sweetness!”

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