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International Medical Science Liaison Day 2020: History and Importance of the day



International Medical Science Liaison Day

International Medical Science Liaison Day, on March 27th, recognizes the crucial role Medical Science Liaison (MSL) play in the accomplishment of an organization.

Since being first settled by Upjohn Pharmaceuticals in 1967, MSLs have gotten progressively more essential to the accomplishment of the organizations that employ them. As indicated by the MSL Society website “Today, MSLs are scientific experts to internal colleagues at their companies, they help to ensure that the drug or product they support are utilized effectively by physicians, and serve as scientific peers and resources within the medical community.”

International Medical Science Liaison Day History

In 2020, The MSL Society set up International Medical Science Liaison Day to raise awareness of the significance of the MSL role at pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical gadget and different organizations that employ them, which eventually improves patients’ lives.

Dr. Samuel Dyer, CEO of the MSL Society remarked: “Establishing International Medical Science Liaison Day is a way to celebrate our profession, and demonstrate our commitment to the profession on a global scale. MSLs make important contributions in helping to advance science and medicine, which ultimately improves the quality of life for patients dealing with various diseases and conditions. Having an official day dedicated to MSLs is a unique way to recognize the profession, and raise awareness of the importance of the global MSL profession.”

Paul Q. Ward, National MSL Lead, AstraZeneca remarked “I’m very excited to have March 27th mark the first-ever International MSL Day and have this day set aside to recognize MSLs around the world for the incredible work they do. MSLs play an important part in educating prescribers on the disease state, safety, efficacy and appropriate use of medications that ultimately lead to improvements in the care of patients. More and more, MSLs are being turned to for their scientific and clinical skills as a trusted source of information by health care providers. I am proud to be a part of the MSL Society and the work it does to grow, develop and recognize the contributions of MSLs around the world for all they do. Congratulations and thank you MSLs!”

The Medical Science Liaison Society (MSL Society), the only 501(c)(3) non-profit organization only committed to propelling the global MSL profession, declared that it has registered the first-ever International Medical Science Liaison Day, which will happen every year on March 27th beginning in 2020.

The Medical Science Liaison Society

The Medical Science Liaison (MSL) is a particular role within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical gadget, CRO and other health-care industries. MSLs have progressed scientific training and academic credentials for the most part comprising of a doctorate (Ph.D., PharmD., M.D.) in the life sciences. They focus on a particular Therapeutic Area (for example Oncology, Cardiology, CNS, Pulmonary, Hematology, Surgery, Women’s Health Care, and so on) and disease state.

The Medical Science Liaison Society is the only 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization solely committed to propelling the global MSL profession. Serving as a voice for the profession, the association assembles further awareness of the significant contributions that MSLs make in advancing science, which eventually improves the quality of life for patients managing different diseases and conditions. Furthermore, The MSL Society gives various resources for those interested in the MSL career, as well as professional development and improvement opportunities for current MSL Managers and individual MSLs.

The MSL Career has detonated in development over the last several years, and the MSL has gotten essential to the achievement of pharmaceutical organizations. As the MSL role keeps on developing and advance, The MSL Society will give resources to individuals to expand their industry knowledge, associate them with the global MSL community, and give them the tools and resources they have to progress in their careers.

How to celebrate International Medical Science Liaison Day

There are various approaches to celebrate International Medical Science Liaison Day by demonstrating pride in our profession! Offer The International MSL Day logo via social media. Share your story of how you became an MSL or why you love the MSL career. Or then again, take a picture where you are flaunting your MSL pride!

Give a holler to an MSL you know whose devotion to the job is remarkable by using #InternationalMSLDay to share via social media.

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