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Interview With Entrepreneur Justin Hermann!



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Justin Hermann is a mover and a shaker in the insurance industry in Dallas, TX. His college degree from ASU says Construction Management, but his first year out of school, he made six-figures in insurance. With just four years in the industry now, Hermann has already assisted in the opening of two offices for his company, has served on the board of directors, all the while creating an fulfilling personal and professional life leading over a million in sales last year in the midst of a global pandemic.

Tips To Avoid Burnout

Hermann avoids burnout by setting and measuring goals and their progress. He mentioned that we feel burnt out when we are not on a mission to create. Hermann is also a firm believer in personal development, physical fitness, maintaining a loving relationship with his fiance, family, and faith (mind, body, and spirit). Hermann observed that when his routine is out of whack, emotional turbulence tends to follow. Hermann went on to state that if the burnout is due to working long hours or not taking days off, he always makes sure he sets aside time off the clock and has a vacation planned. Hermann then includes that something as simple as a weekend getaway with friends or a spouse always gives him the reset he needs.

Overcoming Obstacles

Justin has faced many obstacles, one of the biggest ones is learning self discipline and understanding that today’s sacrifices are tomorrow’s achievements. In his first three years in the insurance business, he was always prepared to work nights and weekends in order to reach his financial and professional goals. He also maintained a long-distance relationship with his now fiancé for 8 months when he moved to Dallas with only a four week’s notice. He faced hard times while he was getting started in Dallas, at times having to choose between paying employees or paying himself first – always choosing the employees first. He has faced complacency and ego issues, where you feel on top of the world and the repercussions of feeling like you have made it. All of this has shaped him into the leader he is today, it has also brought him back to God and his faith, where today he works to find strength to serve through his example.

During difficult times, Hermann leaned on his mentors for help while staying committed to his work and learning not to become frustrated with situations young professionals face. The key is to understand that everyone faces valleys when running a business or in life in general the key is to keep going through the valley with the end goal in mind. What he has discovered to be true is that what he does today and consistently, comes to light 90 days later. When times got the toughest, Hermann embarked on a 75 day hard challenge to eliminate complacency. This truly helped Justin validate his theory, it is powerful to be able to mentally flip a switch and believe in yourself as well as what you can do.

Staying Motivated

What keeps Justin motivated is his planning for his future family and friends’ families. He is aware he’s in the window of his lifetime where he can put extra focus on his career. He is extremely grateful for this window in his life and is eager to do everything he can to set up a positive place for his future kids, fiance, and others close to them.

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