Introducing FanPick, the World’s First Music Production Voting Platform

Introducing FanPick the Worlds First Music Production Voting Platform

What is FanPick?

FanPick is our upcoming platform where music lovers can use MQL Coins to vote on the collaborations they want to see, whether that’s between artists, bands, or a combination. Through the purchase of these coins, they are funding the production of the album they want to see come to life, which gives us a lot of opportunities to produce albums?

What happens to the votes on albums that don’t win the voting contest?

If collaboration is voted on, the album will still be made as long as it keeps getting votes. Because the MQL Coins fund the production of the album, after a certain threshold is met, the album will be green-lit. We want to continue to transform the entertainment market into a playground for fans, and this is one way we can do that.

How do you describe FanPick to other people?

It’s like crowdfunding, but for bands, and with more transparency. We take the money spent on fan votes and we spend it to produce the album. Based on fan votes, we reach out to artists or bands and set up the project.

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