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Introduction to the art of music by Ramin Razmjoo, musician and composer Introducing the field of music arts



Introduction to the art of music by Ramin Razmjoo, musician and composer

The appropriateness of the human soul for accepting speech, good behavior and behavior, accompanying order and prose, poetry and literature, or other social, artistic, and cultural activities with music is so harmonious and harmonious that it is as if music would not have been created if it were not human.

The music owes its subtlety to advanced electric instruments. The rhythmic sound of birds, the rushing of rivers, the waves of the seas, and many natural elements have been very influential in this regard.

In this field, the artistic taste and the essence of human existence can play the first role, and in the conservatory, you can become a student in three orientations of Iranian instrumental music, the basics of composing, and world music. Students during their studies with the basics of sound physics and laboratory, theoretical foundations and structure of Iranian music, history and structure of world music, Iran and world harmonics, general and specialized coordination, accompaniment to Iranian song, composition and hearing training, general piano – second instrument, group song Band play. Get acquainted with national / world music orchestra, Iranian / world instrumental, and familiarity with poetry.

Trends in the field of music arts at the master’s level

Ramin Razmjoo

1- Composing

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2- Playing Iranian music

3- Playing world music

4- Musicology

Job position in the field of music arts

  •     Instructor of Iranian and world instruments
  •     Activity in instrument making workshop and evaluator
  •     Piano instructor
  •     Activity in music recording studios
  •     Film music planner and performer
  •     Creating hymns and songs
  •     Composing
  •     Work in a choir as a group singer
  •     Performing a music orchestra as a musician or group leader
  •     Planner and performer of music scenes (theater and show)

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