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Jack Dean has come up with his custom jewellery brand which has enthralled all.



20 april 8

This young entrepreneur from UK has emerged as the most popular customized jewellery creator of recent times.

Various industries across the world have shown prominent growth since the past few decades. Each have come out with innovative products and services which have amazed the customers to a great extent. Out of the many industries, the jewellery industry has shown phenomenal growth with many entrepreneurs jumping into the business and giving the world unique designs at attractive prices. The customized jewellery field has also grown over the years and is considered as the most popular arm of jewellery business in present times. One young entrepreneur who has capitalized the custom jewellery business and amalgamated it with the football theme is Jack Dean.

Jack comes from Sheffield, UK, and today, at just 28 years of age, has established his company ‘Jeweller Jack Ltd’, which is a one of a kind custom jewellery brand, which has gained a steady base of customers within a few months of its launch. He has always been a football fan and has imbibed the sports theme in all his custom designs. He has indeed come a long way and his story is inspiring to the core. His initial days were full of struggle as he had no support and had to pave his own path. For a year he made rounds of various jewellers in the North of the UK, buying and selling items and then finally when he was confident enough, he plunged into the business by establishing his firm ‘Jeweller Jack Ltd’.

Jack’s brand stands apart from others in business because of his unique customized collection having football theme which makes it an interesting proposition for football enthusiasts. He has created a strong foothold in the custom jewellery market by introducing designs which are unique and attractive. Such has been the impact of his brand that its popularity has grown beyond Europe and clients from all over the world are in awe of his designs. He has indeed come up the hard way and established himself in this competitive industry with his talent and passion to achieve the impossible.

To know more about Jack’s work, follow him on Instagram@jackdean_

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