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Joti Statovci – A digital Business Tycoon From Kosova



Business Tycoon

An digital business that has worked wonders for entrepreneurs in the recent past is Drop Shipping. A supply chain management method which saves the retailer from stocking any and transfer its customer’s orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer, another retailer, or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer. It is a way for sellers to avoid investing any money upfront for their inventory.

An ambitious young enthusiast from Kosova, Joti Statovci turned into an iconic entrepreneur in Drop Shipping and Forex Trading. He delved deep to acquire the details and skills of all drop shipping roads which followed to his success in the field. Success here can be attributed to a winning drop shipping strategy which involved setting up multiple online stores in various key niches. Starting from ground zero and without any pre investment for store inventory, Statovci turned the tables with his zeal and an online opportunity to an empire setting examples for many in the field.

He created his shop online named which led to his big break. While this may sound child’s play, it takes some mountains to move to gain the particular skill set to make it work. Many sellers in the past have tried drop shipping reaching a flat curve. He didn’t keep the secret elixir to success in drop shipping to himself but shared it with everyone with his free course to give the aspirers to fly over their financial struggles. He is recognized to share his promotions spent details with the world.

Hundreds of driven entrepreneurs have already profited with his programs. To anyone looking to quit their 9-to-5 jobs and find financial independence, this education works like a charm. Statovci is even in the midst of establishing a youth cancer charity to help children in need. He strives to make a positive change in other’s life and teach them that earning money is not the centre of the universe. As he quotes “Nobody ever got poor by giving”.

Statovci’s work backed him to travel the world but his immense love for his country propels him to use his creativity to design products that are related to nationality. He is also the proud owner of UBYKS, the best apparel brand in Kosova he established. It fashioned and sold hoodies with his country design. His company got immense admiration in his country in return for the respect he holds for his work and nation. Later he manufactured other apparel for his Kosovo fans which brought his dreams closer to make products that are entirely made in his country. Ubyks products are worn and loved from many renowned people, even outside his nation. He speculates that this brand will achieve more fame. Living up to the words he quotes “Try not to become only a man of success try to become a man of value”.

Statovci is equally successful in FOREX trading, which includes all aspects of buying, selling and exchanging currencies at current or determined prices. He calculated the field and gained experience for 2 years to jump start his earnings in the FOREX world and getting to the top of earnings. Being self taught, he credits his faults and experience to be his principal guru in the field. He also created a course for FOREX highlighting his best work and all the specifics that people should follow and learn to achieve success. All his courses and teachings are free including this one, giving equal opportunity to all to educate them in the interested pitch and work towards it.

His motto for his professional life is

“Work while they sleep,

learn while they party,

save while they spend,

live like they dream”

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