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Juan Carlos Izquierdo DMD elucidates the secret to building and scaling your dental business



17. Time Bulletin

Upscaling an existing dental practice or starting a new one can be overwhelming yet exhilarating. And Dr. Izquierdo is a sure testament of that. Along with his wife, Dr. Camila Guiribitey ( Dr. G ), Dr. Izquierdo has established Moderna Dental Inc. that is dedicated to owning, managing, and representing dental practices across the US. From his experience so far, he reckons growth in dentistry brings with it a slew of questions. Are you looking to scale your business? Below are five tips from Dr. Izquierdo to get you off on the best foot.

Modernize Your Workplace

Dr. Izquierdo believes that scaling up to newer and upgraded healthcare equipment is an investment that will offer significant returns for your dental practice. He further stresses that having the most cutting-edge technology can boost your practice’s efficiency, expand the types of treatment you provide, and enhance the patients’ experience.

Keep Patients at the Center

Having a patient-centric model is a must and Dr. Izquierdo banks on having an in-house laboratory with expert ceramists on-site for same-day delivery, thus furnishing peace of mind for the clients. Although a new concept in dentistry, Dr. Izquierdo believes it will benefit the patients and transform the workflow across dentistry.

Expand Your Footprint

When it comes to growing the patient base, Dr. Izquierdo urges aspiring dentists to think of ways they can expand their footprint to enhance value, gain a competitive edge, and pull in prospective patients. They could either acquire an existing office or start anew. Each has its pros and cons, and his expert panel can help them figure out the ideal fit for them.

Go Digital

Dr. Izquierdo truly endorses the power of strategic online marketing campaigns as they offer a consistent patient flow, making it highly lucrative for both parties involved. He also recommends the same for budding dentists looking to drive their business. Through cross-channel marketing – social media, direct mail, and email marketing – they can show the patients how they genuinely care and can become the most successful they could ever be.

Boost Your Network

‘Always maintain a healthy network’ is what Dr. Izquierdo hones in on to grow his empire Moderna Dental Inc., as it allows them to practice free from the pressure of staffing, office management, and patient flow. Also, a network system will provide for emerging dental offices to leverage the management and marketing strategies carried out throughout the corporation and establish a network of patients and referrals anywhere, globally.

Whether you are ready to step up your practice today or you are creating a strategy for the future, these business tips from Dr. Izquierdo will certainly help you reach your goals.

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