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Kenes Rakishev: the biography and less-known facts from the life of investor




During his successful career, investor Kenes Rakishev has made mistakes more than once, but his achievements cover them all at times. And it’s not about luck at all, but about a hot heart, a cold mind and a rational approach. Now Kenes Rakishev sees prospects in the space industry and for good reason. But by and large, the main merit of Rakishev is that he directs the earned money for good.

Some other facts from the life of Kenes Rakishev

While still a student, young entrepreneur Kenes Rakishev, together with his wife Aselle Tasmagambetova, founded the Saby Charitable Foundation. Young people set the task to help the poor, to heal the society, to form educated youth in Kazakhstan. After 18 years of the foundation’s existence, it can be safely noted that the goals set has been achieved, as well as new ones are being set.

The Foundation can be proud of the Invataxi program for the movement of people with disabilities, built by the centers of emergency pediatric surgery in Semey and Almaty. Kenes Rakishev and Aselle Tasmagambetova are also funding the “Build Your Own Business” competition for young entrepreneurs.

Aselle Tasmagambetova also says that the Saby Foundation strongly believes in the prospects of Kazakhstan’s small business. Over seven years, the foundation has spent more than $ 1.5 million to support small business projects.

We have identified only a part of Kenes Rakishev’s charity projects. To fully cover Rakishev’s charitable activities, a series of publications is needed. In general, Kenes Rakishev has built a large charitable organization that has been making a significant contribution to the development and support of civil society in Kazakhstan for 18 years.

Rakishev is already known to many compatriots for successful investments in the fields of gold mining, metallurgy, IT technologies and financial startups. He is also known as a generous philanthropist. Kenes Rakishev is engaged in charity work. He is a very active and visionary investor.

In 2020, Kenes Rakishev decided to invest some of the money through his hedge fund Singulariteam in a developing project: “Effective Space”. This is a private company that develops and builds space drones. Now the project engineers are preparing to launch an unmanned refuelling vehicle.

Kenes Rakishev is a Kazakh businessman, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fincraft Resources, Net Element Holding, member of the Board of Directors of Fastlane Ventures, one of the founders of Singulariteam.

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