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Korean MMO Elyon, the popular MMORPG game is coming to Southeast Asia in July 2022



Korean MMO Elyon the popular MMORPG game is coming to Southeast Asia in July 2022

Elyon, the popular MMORPG game is coming to Southeast Asia in July 2022. Created by South Korean developer Bluehole Inc. furthermore, published by PlayPark, the game features high-octane activity, dynamic combat, and the freedom for character builds in a vibrant steampunk fantasy world. Players will get to plunge into the land that is known for Harth to join the fight between the domains of Vulpin and Ontari.

Bluehole Inc. is best known for Tera, and the wildly successful PUBG, which marked the beginning of the fight royale genre. Elyon has met with incredible reception from players, which has prompted the extension of their server networks to SEA through PlayPark.

Set in the land that is known for Harth, Elyon is about the Vulpin and Ontari, two dominating factions fighting for command over the domains. Combining immersive graphics, open-world exploration, and a customizable skill system for class abilities, Elyon permits players to play and fight as indicated by their playstyle. Increase your considerable powers with runestones and mana awakening to make a character remarkable to your playstyle, prepared for the challenges Elyon brings to the offer for players both new to MMOs or solidified veterans.

Elyon’s pre-registration is currently open. Players stand to win marvelous prizes that incorporate an Asus ROG Strix G15 gaming laptop, a Razer Black Widow V3 gaming keyboard, a Razer Kraken V3 gaming headset, and a Razer Basilisk V3 gaming mouse by basically pre-registering. Extra in-game rewards will be accessible for all who partake when the pre-registration milestones are met.

A closed beta test (CBT) is scheduled from 22 to 26 June 2022 to allow players to evaluate the Warlord, Mystic, Elementalist, Assassin, and Gunner classes and investigate the extensive character builds and customizations through connecting with PVE and PVP content. The CBT will allow players an opportunity to give feedback and improve the game’s insight.

Look at the Elyon system requirements below:

Elyon System Requirements
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