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Kraj – An Artist’s Guide to Musical Glory



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This story is about a Musical Enthusiast’s journey to glory. The path that he has etched for himself with hard-work and dedication.
Kraj, an independent UK based singer, lyricist and composer, who discovered his passion through music.

Born and raised in Punjab,India, Kraj started off his musical career by writing multiple songs of various genres for new as well as established artists.

During this process, he identified his own flair for music and decided to merge it with his lyrical ability.

He released his first single “Aaja Soni” in collaboration with T-Series. In no time, his music became widely popular and since then there has been no turning back for him.

This success was followed by his second single, a beautiful romantic composition titled “Haar Gaya” released by an independent label.
After receiving several accolades and positive feedback from the music industry and his fans, Kraj decided to co-produce more albums with established labels to reach out to a larger audience and gain global exposure.

Next up on his list of compositions were “Nakhra”, an edgy and upbeat Punjabi/Hindi track and “Lamboride” that has a touch of urban groove to it, released by Sony Music India.

Kraj believes in hard work and values his passion. He wants to reach out to a wider audience and interact through his heartfelt music.
Next on the line of his work was “Kudiye” released with T-Series Apna Punjab, which as quoted by Kraj ” It’s always exciting to let people know what sort of vibe you are feeling In terms of being a musician or trying to be one. There are so many things one could learn to be an artist or someone you want to listen to.

His perseverance is the key to his success and his ability to make soulful music is sheer brilliance, he believes not only dream can come to but through your dreams you can build a future or a life in which you can be as independent as you once or always wished to be.

Kraj is all set to release his new track titled “Soniye” very soon and hopes his audience will receive this with the same enthusiasm and love as for this earlier work, he has decided to to make more music and be an independent artist to reach wider range of audience and also for people to be in touch with him on his own channel and share their and ideas in just one click.
He wants to make the best use of social media platforms to stay connected to all his fans through their shared love for music.

Let’s build an inspirational world of positivity and blissful music together.

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